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• 12/31/2018

New and better images incoming!

Sup. I received files for Kid Icarus: Uprising's pre-release images, and among them are some high quality images from Fatal Frame (for some reason). Not done searching through the files yet, but I have high quality PNG images of the Camera Obscura, the two twins Amakuras, and some butterflies, with more to be found maybe. If you'd like them, let me know, I'll provide them when they're ready. But here's one image for a taste :) (I think this is artwork for the camera in FF2)

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• 7/7/2018

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• 11/16/2016

[Zero Kage Miko] Fatal Frame; Shadow Priestess: Camera Obscura Replica-Prototype?

I mean...well, the camera DOES seem to have problems regarding it's ghost fighting abilities..
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• 10/21/2015

Fatal Frame V: Maiden of Black Water reviews

I'm placing the results here:
Metacritic: 66 (33 reviews)
Gamerankings: 66.64% (22 reviews)
Now the results of how many reviewers gave the game each score:
90-99 (1 reviewer)
80-89 (10 reviewers)
70-79 (12 reviewers)
60-69 (2 reviewers)
50-59 (5 reviewers)
40-49 (3 reviewers)
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• 8/27/2015

Introducing New Gaming Footers

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• 2/18/2015

Hilarious walkthrough

Didn't know about this guy before. Loving his walkthrough. :)
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• 10/29/2014

Any pool ideas?

We're getting close to November. So, any pool ideas?
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• 10/20/2014

Why Fatal Frame is my favorite survival-horror series

Lol, I completely agree with this guy. :)
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• 10/18/2014

Famitsu's previous Top 30 results.

I can't find anywhere the results of the weeks August 8 to August 14 in 2005, August 4 to August 10 in 2008 and August 11 to August 17 in 2008. Does anybody know of any websites with the results?
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• 10/16/2014

FF V the highest sold Wii U title for the third consecutive week!!! :)

Just checked Famitsu's Top 30 today and saw FFV peaked at 15th place and still the most sold Wii U title of the week.
That's quite a record for the series, the game is the only of the series to be the most sold of its platform for not just two, but now three consecutive weeks. Way to go, FF V! :)
Now a little rumor, I really hope it's just a rumor. Is it true that Samuel Hadida (producer of the awful Silent Hill: Revelation) will be the producer of the Hollywood Fatal Frame movie?
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• 10/1/2014

FFV sexy costumes

I guess we know now what kind of "technology" FFV borrowed from DOA 5, lol.

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• 10/1/2014


So, I'm very late in doing this, but anyway, I decided to join this fight and spread the word here.
Let's give Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) and Nintendo of Europe (@NintendoEurope) tweets with this hashtag to help other FF fans  get FFV localized. Let's join this fight too, guys. :)
(Remember this hashtag should be tweeted to Nintendo since they are the bosses, not Tecmo)
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• 9/29/2014

Miku and Mafuyu?

So, are these two Miku and Mafuyu? The guy kinda looks like Mafuyu to me and the girl is similiar to that woman that appeared on the third trailer, which Miu called mother.
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• 9/27/2014

Will FF5 is the last fatal frame game??

wii fatal frame 5 become the last fatal frame game?? i'm worry about that :(
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• 9/27/2014

FFV Possible Localization!!!

There's a possibility that FFV is going to be released outside of Japan. You guys can check that out by clicking here .
Remember though, no official announcements had been made yet, so it could be just a speculation, but taking consideration of the new hints, this speculation could be a possible fact. :)
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• 8/29/2014

More FFV articles and a new video! :)

Came here to congratulate the users Foreverauslly2011 and NoOneInParticular94 for adding more FFV articles to Fatal Frame wikia, and also congratulate the user MrMaru215 for adding another FFV video. Thanks guys. :)
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• 8/23/2014

More FFV videos! :)

So, I decided to come here and congratulate the user MrMaru215 for adding more videos of the upcoming Fatal Frame game. :)
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• 8/18/2014

September poll. Any ideas?

So, I had been in this struggle with myself lately. Thinking about which families should be chosen for the next poll in september. The ones that I chose are the Himuro, Minasaki, Kurosawa,Tachibana, Kiryu, Amakura, Kuze and the Asou families. I want to choose only two of these options. So, any opinions?
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• 8/7/2014

More articles! :)

Okay, since this is the right thread for it, then let me congratulate the user NoOneInParticular94 for adding to the FF wikia more articles, images and info too. :)
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• 8/6/2014

Minakami Village is also real?

So, an anonymous user just said that the main setting of FFII is also real, and it's called Sugisawa Village. Is this true?
I thought only the Himuro Mansion and the Hikamiyama Mountain (not actually this name in real life) were real.
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