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The 3rd Night: The Calamity is the fourth chapter in Fatal Frame.


Miku has found the blinding mask and put it where it belongs in the Demon Mouth in the basement of the Himuro Mansion.

Opening the door to the Banned Path, and had found two pieces of the True Holy Mirror, all before being caught by Kirie once more, she sees a vision of Kirie being sacrificed as the Rope Shrine Maiden, and then something going horribly wrong, ending with all sorts of people dead everywhere. When the vision ends, she has ropes around her ankles. She discovers that Kirie's Strangling Ritual failed, and something called the Calamity occurred, releasing Malice and "losing" a number of souls.

After seeing Mafuyu on the other side of the rock slide, Miku finds a journal written by the folklorist that mentions a way to the site of the ritual only the Rope Shrine Maiden could travel through. This path, accessible from the Moon Shrine in the Cherry Atrium , required the four priests' symbols and the family master's seal to open. So Miku seeks out and fights the four Headless Priests and Lord Himuro to open the way to the Moon Well, where the Rope Shrine Maiden purified her body on the night of the Strangling Ritual. In the depths of the well, Miku finds the remains of the first Rope Shrine Maiden as well as a fragment of the Holy Mirror before being surprised by Kirie. Miku starts to climb out of the well with Kirie in pursuit, and is nearly caught when the little girl in the white kimono appears and saves Miku, urging her to hurry and break the curse.