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Japanese name 逢魔が淵
Romaji name Ōmagafuchi
Other names N/A
Location(s) Himuro Mansion
Function None
Status Abandoned
Game Fatal Frame

The Abyss is a setting in Fatal Frame, located next to the Cherry Atrium. This is where the Himuro family priests hid the body of Kirie's lover after they killed him. It's also the place where Tomoe Hirasaka was murdered by Kirie and where one of the headless priests was killed.

Items Found[]

Ghosts Encountered[]

  • Kirie's Lover - hidden ghost out in the water.
  • Tomoe Hirasaka - hidden ghost in the waterwheel.
  • Twins (Xbox exclusive)
  • Tokitada Kyuki (Xbox exclusive) - boss fight during the final night on Fatal Difficulty.
  • Headless Priest - boss fight during the third night after examining the stone monument.