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Blue Tape 2
Blue tape.png
Japanese name 青いテープ 二
Romaji name Aoi tēpu ni
File type Tape
Description An audio tape with a blue label. From pedestal at Narukami Shrine.

An audio tape with a blue label. Looks like it's half-used.

Author/Owner Junsei Takamine
Location Narukami Shrine
Appearances Fatal Frame

Blue Tape 2 is a tape found in the Narukami Shrine in Fatal Frame. It belongs to Junsei Takamine.


"Is she the one causing this disaster? All of those earlier deaths...Koji, Tomoe. All of them. Am I the next to die?...the Rope Shrine Maiden Ritual, as told of in legend...both arms, legs, and the neck. It is said when all five are marked, the curse is complete. Ropes are beginning to appear on my photo. I'm running out of time."