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Chamber of Thorns
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Japanese name 棘獄
Romaji name Toge goku
Other names Chamber of Needles
Location(s) Underneath the Kuze Shrine
Function Impalement Ritual site
Status Abandoned/Destroyed/Appears only in dreams of Tattooed Curse victims
Game Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

The Chamber of Thorns (棘獄) is a setting in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented. It is where the tattooed priestesses are impaled. Due to this, there are many tattooed priestesses in the Chamber of Thorns, both on the walls and on the ground. No man is allowed in the Chamber of Thorns, even though Kaname, the last tattooed priestess Reika's lover made that mistake, and entered the Chamber and was killed before Reika's eyes. Reika could not contain the pain anymore and the Unleashing began.