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The Demon Mouth is a setting in Fatal Frame. It is a room within Himuro Mansion, accessible through the Rubble Room. The large set of double doors are opened with the Blinding Mask and opens the way to the Banned Path, which leads to the Rope Altar. The Demon Tag Ritual was performed here.

After opening the doors with the Blinding Mask, Ryozo Munakata was pulled through the doors by Kirie Himuro into the Banned Path and killed.

Once Miku finds the Blinding Mask, she is able to go through the doors. She then finds the dead body of Ryozo Munakata holding a piece of the Holy Mirror.


Matches - dropped after defeating the Blind Woman.

Ghosts EncounteredEdit

  • Ryozo Munakata - boss fight.
  • Blind Woman - boss fight.
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