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Engraving Shrine
Japanese name 刻宮
Romaji name Kokumiya
Other names N/A
Location(s) Kuze Shrine
Function Shrine
Status Abandoned
Game Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

The Engraving Shrine was the focal point of the Kuze Shrine when it was operational. Worshipers came here to offer their pain, and it was here that Engravers engraved the tattoos onto the Priestess using Ink of the Soul in the Piercing of the Soul ritual. The Priestess was tattooed on a large stone bed, carved directly out of the rocky ground and surrounded by reed screens.

In front of the reed screens is an altar arranged with esoteric Buddhist equipment. The door to the Last Passage can be accessed through this room, after placing the Mirror of Loss on the pedestal on this altar.

There are two bodies in the Engraving Shrine, laid out on tables on either side of the room. They are covered with a cloth, pierced with needles and surrounded by candles. Their identity and purpose is unknown, but fans have speculated that they are the bodies of the two Engravers.

The Engraving Shrine also had upper levels. The highest appears to have been a storage room, containing a bookshelf and a medicine cabinet, and has a door opening out onto the roof of the Shrine. A ladder leads down to the rafters above main room. It is possible to walk across the rafters and observe what is happening below.

Needle Corpses.png

Shrine Courtyard[]

Originally, the Engraving Shrine was outdoors, and in several of the visions that the main characters have as they fall asleep, snow can be seen falling in the courtyard. Worshipers would make their way across the courtyard to offer their pain to the priestess. After the Unleashing, a great wooden structure was built around the shrine, sealing the entire area into a cavern and containing the Rift within. The courtyard contains two smaller shrine structures, one destroyed, and the front entrance of the Book Storeroom. A pool of water appears to well up from beneath the foundations of the Engraving Shrine.



  • Piercing the soul Tome.
  • Film 'Abyss'.

Ghosts Encountered[]