Fatal Frame: Shadow Priestess
Zero Kage Miko
零 影巫女
Zero: Kage Miko
Writer(s)Seimaru Amagi
SerializationManga Box (DeNA)
Genre(s)Horror, Mystery, Drama, Seinen, Supernatural
Chapters46 (currently)
Release date(s)July 18, 2014 (Japan)

Fatal Frame: Shadow Priestess, known as Zero: Kage Miko in Japan, is a manga based on the Fatal Frame series released only in Japan. Written by Seimaru Amagi (the editor-in-chief of DeNA’s Manga Box app) and illustrated by Hakus.

DeNA released the manga for their Manga Box app on July 18, 2014.

Manga Box describes the plot as below:

College student Sara Washizuki was shown a mysterious film photograph by paranormal photographer Tousei Ryuuzaki. In it was captured something she had left sealed away with her memories of a particular incident in her elementary school days…


Sara Washizuki: The protagonist of the manga. She is a student of modern architecture and descendant of the shadow priestess. Thus, she can see any kind of spirit without the aid of a camera. Washizuki used to live in a shrine at Mount Kegare when she was a kid, but after a certain incident, she moved to Fujisawa.

Kanon Ohtori: Washizuki's childhood best friend from elementary school.

Beniko Shirazagi: Washizuki's classmate and best friend. Because of her fear of ghosts and after seeing Sara's courage, she is then usually close to her friend.

Tousei Ryuuzaki: A mysterious supernatural photographer. He visits Washizuki in school and weirdly seems to know about her past, amongst other things.

Suisei Koutari: Washizuki's professor. A skeptical man who always try to find the answer for everything through science.

Jun Takakura: Washizuki's junior classmate. A playful boy who attempts to flirt with the other girls sometimes, but is always interrupted by Hazawa.

Midori Hazawa: Washizuki's senior classmate. A high tempered girl who is usually threatening Takakura for his behavior towards girls and other things.

Hatomi (Kumi) Suzumori: Washizuki's junior classmate. A not serious-minded blondie girl, somewhat stereotyped.

Tooru Nue: Washizuki's senior classmate. A creepy, serious and arrogant boy who acts superior to his classmates.

Narumi Amanuma: Washizuki's senior classmate. At first a creepy nerdy girl, most remarkable for her big round glasses.

Chizuru Mizuki: A pale middle school girl who gets on the bus during the students' trip to Mount Kegare.

Sara's grandmother: She lives at the shrine at Mount Kegare and is usually scolding Washizuki because of her duties as a shadow priestess.

Mozu: One of the twins at the shrine in Mount Kegare. She and her sister assist on the duties of the shrine. Her name means shrike.

Tsumugi: One of the twins at the shrine in Mount Kegare. She and her sister assist on the duties of the shrine. Her name means thrush.

Takeru Ugajin: A 29 years old man. He is the leader of the urban explorers group that call themselves "Moebius". The group appears at the Karasawa elementary school for exploration.

Reiji Hotei: A 22 years old man who is part of the Moebius group.

Maya Mikogami: A 18 years old woman who is part of the Moebius group.

Mikiko Hashiki: A 17 years old girl who is part of the Moebius group.


  • Chapter 1: Shadow Priestess
  • Chapter 2: Supernatural Photography
  • Chapter 3: Camera Obscura
  • Chapter 4: Mount Kegare
  • Chapter 5: Karasawa Village
  • Chapter 6: Karasawa Village
  • Chapter 7: Raven Slick
  • Chapter 8: Old Haunts
  • Chapter 9: Assault
  • Chapter 10: Dark Seal
  • Chapter 11: The Host
  • Cahpter 12: Nightmare
  • Chapter 13: Hints
  • Chapter 14: Key
  • Chapter 15: The Center
  • Chapter 16: Assimilation
  • Chapter 17: Purification
  • Chapter 18: Water
  • Chapter 19: Allies
  • Chapter 20: Progress
  • Chapter 21: Illusion
  • Chapter 22: Dark Spirits of Mountain and River
  • Chapter 23: Memories
  • Chapter 24: Charm
  • Chapter 25: Grandfather
  • Chapter 26: Skeleton
  • Chapter 27: Prayers
  • Chapter 28: Bewitched
  • Chapter 29: Darkroom
  • Chapter 30: Kuji Seal
  • Chapter 31: Supernatural Photographs
  • Chapter 32: Guideposts
  • Chapter 33: Whispers
  • Chapter 34: Voice
  • Chapter 35: Face
  • Chapter 36: Light
  • Chapter 37: Children
  • Chapter 38: Scream
  • Chapter 39: Reunion
  • Chapter 40: Seat
  • Chapter 41: Penmanship
  • Chapter 42: Conviction
  • Chapter 43: Cat
  • Chapter 44: Order
  • Chapter 45: Split up
  • Chapter 46: Dream


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There are currently 46 translated chapters, which can be found on the website below:

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