This article is for the Xbox release of the first game. For the PlayStation 2 version released in the previous year, see Fatal Frame.
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Fatal Frame
Fatal Frame Xbox
Fatal Frame 零 Special Edition
Fatal Frame Zero Special Edition
Project Zero
Developer(s)Tecmo, Ltd.
Publisher(s)Tecmo, Inc. (US)
Tecmo, Ltd. (Jap.)
Microsoft Game Studios (Europe)
Release date(s)November 22, 2002 (US)
February 06, 2003 (Jap.)
May 02, 2003 (Europe)
RatingsTeen (ESRB)
CERO C (15+) (Jap.)
18+ (ELSPA)
Jap. cover
Zero Xbox

PAL cover
Project Zero Xbox

Terror reveals itself frame by frame.

Fatal Frame (Xbox)

Fatal Frame, known as Zero: Special Edition in Japan and Project Zero in Europe,  is a Japanese survival horror game and the special edition of the first game

This version was developed and published by Tecmo on November 22, 2002 in North America and February 6, 2003 in Japan, and was published by Microsoft Game Studios on May 2, 2003 in Europe.

This version was released nearly one year after the first version, and included additions such as enhanced visuals, more ghosts, more unlockables and an added difficulty setting.

Global salesEdit

Below is displayed the number of units sold worldwide according to VGChartz:

North America: 0.04m (74.9%)
Europe: 0.01m (21.6%)
Rest of the World: 0.00m (3.6%)
Global: 0.06m

As of February 21st 2015, 0.06m units were sold. [1]


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