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Fatal Frame
Zero The Movie poster
劇場版 零〜ゼロ〜
Gekijōban Rei ~Zero~
Distributor(s)Kadokawa (Japan)
Encore Films (Singapore)
Golden Village Pictures (Singapore)
Release date(s)September 26, 2014 (Japan)
October 23, 2014 (Singapore)
November 6, 2014 (Sweden)
Director(s)Mari Asato
Writer(s)Eiji Ōtsuka (novel)
Mari Asato (screenplay)
GenreHorror, Supernatural
Runtime105 minutes

Fatal Frame, known as Gekijōban Rei ~Zero~ in Japan, is a Japanese movie based on the novel written by Eiji Ōtsuka, Fatal Frame: A Curse Affecting Only Girls. The movie was developed by Kadokawa Corporation and started hitting Japanese theaters on September 26, 2014. Directed by Mari Asato (Ju-on: Black Ghost), it stars Ayami Nakajo and Aoi Morikawa, with music performed by Jamosa.


Zero Movie Image 1
Ayami Nakajô (as Aya Tsukimori)

Zero Movie Image 2
Aoi Morikawa (as Michi Kazato)

Zero Movie Image 8
Kôdai Asaka (as Takashi)

Zero Movie Image 6
Minori Hagiwara (as Waka)

Zero Movie Image 3
Fujiko Kojima (as Risa)

Zero Movie Image 10
Jun Miho (as Principal)

Zero Movie Image 4
Karen Miyama (as Ikki)

Zero Movie Image 9
Noriko Nakagoshi (as Meri-san)

Zero Movie Image 7
Yuri Nakamura (as Mayumi)

Zero Movie Image 5
Kasumi Yamaya (as Kasumi)

Plot Edit

Zero Image 11

Michi, a student in a conservative all-girls school, must resolve the mysterious disappearances and deaths of her fellow classmates after they found an intriguing but haunting photo of Aya, the best singer of her class, who apparently is being held locked in her room, physically but not spiritually...

A death curse is placed to anyone who sees Aya's photo, which seems to be taken with a "Camera Obscura". Michi, with the help of her photography skills, might stop it before the spirit of Aya takes her life too and the curse continues to spread in- and outside the school...

Box OfficeEdit

According to Box Office Mojo, the movie grossed $665.547 in Japan.


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