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Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water was launched on October 22, 2015 in America!!


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Ayako Haibara is a hostile female spirit in Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse. She was one of the many patients that suffered from Luna Sedata Syndrome.

She was being treated inside of Rougetsu Hall, a sanatorium built on Rougetsu Island specifically to attend to patients of Luna Sedata Syndrome. She is also one of the patients that knew the heroines of Fatal Frame IV during their stay in Rougetsu Hall. Ayako stood out from the other patients due to her homicidal tendencies, however, she eventually met her end when the disease could not be controlled and she finally bloomed.

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Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water E3 2015 Trailer

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Did you know? There is a real life Himuro Mansion. It's located in the North eastern part of Japan. Just like in Fatal Frame, gruesome rituals were performed there and paranormal activity occurred as well.

Fatal Frame 2 Chou - Amano Tsukiko - English Sub & Singable Lyrics

Chou videoclip with english subs. Video source - Akane Zawadzki.


Fatal Frame 3 Koe - Amano Tsukiko - English Sub & Singable Lyrics

Koe videoclip with english subs. Video source - Akane Zawadzki.


NOISE - 天野月子 Tsukiko Amano

NOISE videoclip. Video source - Unofficial Fatal Frame Channel.


Zero no Chouritsu (Just Call My Name) - Amano Tsukiko ~ ЧM

Zero no Chouritsu. Video source - Danni Moore.


Tsukiko Amano - Crimson ''Kurenai'' (English Lyrics) HD 3D

Kurenai with "Crimson" subs. Video source - Cem Alkan.



Love Ain't Easy videoclip. Video source - Avex Network.


AnJu(アンジュ) "HIGANBANA" (Official Music Video)

Higanbana videoclip. Video source - Space Shower Music.


Fatal Frame 5 Project Zero - Full Theme Song - 天野 月 Tsukiko Amano - 鳥籠 In This Cage

In This Cage videoclip. Video source - 天野 月 Tsuki Amano - 鳥籠 In This Cage.

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