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Final Night: Kirie is the fifth and last chapter in Fatal Frame.

Miku awakens in the Koto Room, where the girl in the white kimono points to an old koto, indicating Miku should try playing it to proceed into the mansion attic. While making her way through the attic, Miku sees a vision of Kirie crying on the night of her ritual and also finds the cage Kirie was kept in during her years of isolation. Miku recovers a fragment of the True Holy Mirror, seeing a vision of Kirie with a young man bearing a strong resemblance to Mafuyu upon doing so. Miku also finds scraps of Kirie's diary, detailing her relationship with the young man in the days prior to her ritual.

Kirie surprises and chases Miku out of the Dungeon, but Miku manages to escape to the Moon Shrine and reenters the Moon Well to head for the Rope Altar. After seeing a vision of Kirie's Strangling Ritual, Miku proceeds to the Hell Gate and finds Mafuyu and Kirie there. Before Mafuyu and Miku can reunite, the Malice absorbs Mafuyu and Miku is left to battle Kirie.

Eventually, the power of the exorcised ghosts proves to be too much for the camera to handle, and it shatters. Miku starts to despair, but then notices the girl in the white kimono point to the remains of the camera, where the final piece of the True Holy Mirror has resided all along. Miku is quick to reassemble the mirror and place it in the mirror rock where it belongs, exorcising the Malice from Kirie's spirit and restoring both Kirie and Mafuyu. The girl then appears before Kirie and points to the Hell Gate, reminding her of her duty to it. Kirie uses her power to shut the gate and proceeds to seal it.