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Fuyuhi Himino
FF V Image 137
Japanese name氷見野 冬陽
Romaji nameHimino Fuyuhi
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
StatusDeceased/Malicious Spirit
AppearancesFatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water
Voice actor (JPN)Imai Asaka
Voice actor (ENG)Katie Beudert

Fuyuhi Himino (氷見野 冬陽 Himino Fuyuhi) is a female character in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.


Prior to the events of the game, Fuyuhi was incredibly close to Haruka Momose (Fuyuhi's friend) as they had attended school together since kindergarten, and had shared in their life and experiences. The two were incredibly close, with Fuyuhi even staying at Haruka's house while renovations were taking place.

Some time before the events of the game, Fuyuhi, along with Haruka and three unnamed schoolgirls attempted a group suicide by drowning, however, Haruka and Fuyuhi both survived the attempt, and walked away feeling the crushing guilt of a survivor.

Fuyuhi at Kurosawa Antiques.

She goes to Kurosawa Antiques and asks for Yuri Kozukata's help to find her lost schoolmate and friend, Haruka, who went missing in the mountains. She is determined to go whether or not Yuuri and Hisoka Kurosawa are willing to help her.

While Hisoka is out on her mission on Mt. Hikami, Fuyuhi returns to the Antique shop in a daze, asking for Hisoka. Upon learning she is not in the shop, she finally departs for Mt. Hikami alone, Yuuri going after her.

When Yuuri finds her again, she appears to be in an almost trancelike state, searching for Haruka. After some convincing, she begins to follow Yuuri off the mountain.

Halfway through the trip, she pauses at the Shrine of Dolls, saying that Haruka is in there. Unbeknownst to Yuuri, she is referring to the Womb Cave under the Shrine, where Haruka is interred in a reliquary.

After Yuuri finds an accessory belonging to Hisoka, she has a vision, and Fuyuhi runs off.


Fuyuhi raising a tanto blade to her neck.

When Yuuri finds Fuyuhi again, she is singing what seems to be the Song of Memories, a precious melody from the past that is Fuyuhi's best memory with Haruka. As the camera pans down, it is revealed she is holding a tantō blade, which she raises to her neck, and cuts her throat in front of Yuuri. Shortly after, Yuuri is forced to fight her spirit. 

After Yuuri exorcises her, she sees her final moments- where, after finding the blade, she saw a ghost of a woman cutting her throat- her body unconsciously mirroring the ghost's movements. Panicking, she started to fight her own grip, desperately fighting for her life- when she looked up again, she saw Haruka.

Her concentration lapsed, and she forcibly cut her own throat, ending her life, and becoming a spirit of the mountain.

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"I have to tell you...a secret!"

Etymology Edit

  • The name Fuyuhi means "winter" (冬) (fuyu) and "light, sun, male" (陽) (hi).
  • Fuyuhi's surname Himino means "ice" (氷) (hi), "to see" (見) (mi) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).


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