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Japanese name 諌女
Romaji name Isame
Other names Drowned Women
Age Varies
Hair color Black
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Shrine maidens
Cause of death Shadowspring overflowing
Encountered in Varies
Family Unknown
Appearances Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water
Voice actor (Jp) N/A
Voice actor (Eng) N/A
Merging into water... flowing away... Sinking into... the pure water...


The Guardians are five shrine maidens from Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. They were never put into reliquaries unlike other shrine maidens, instead they would purify the water by entering it, as their role was to surround a casket to guard it. However, they also came into contact with black water that overflowed from Ose Kurosawa's failed Yuukon ritual at the Shadowspring and as a result became into vengeful spirits whose motives are to drag others into the black water with them. They appear in the final battle with Ose, attempting to protect her from any attack.

During battles against a group of Guardians, they will sometimes join hands encircling the player as they chant and gradually remove the health of the player, often making them one of the most challenging ghosts to deal with. Their circle can be broken by taking a shot of one of their linked hands.