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The Haibara Hospital is a setting in Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse. It is located on Rougetsu Island and is being used for the treatment of Luna Sedata Syndrome.

The hospital was built by the Haibara Family to study and treat Getsuyuu Syndrome, using a combination of modern medicine and traditional spiritual remedies. Attached to the hospital by a connecting corridor was Rougetsu Hall, a more luxurious sanatorium, and both buildings were staffed by the same personnel. In 1970 the hospital was managed by Shigeto Haibara, who used his role to carry out illegal experiments on patients, usually in secret rooms. Medical records were burned in the incinerator in the backyard.

The hospital's basement was extensive, and in places intersected with the ancient tunnel system that honeycombed the island. In the backyard, at the end of a long path, there is a grave mound behind a row of torii gates. A photograph of this place can also be seen in Room 412 of Rougetsu Hall. At the front of the hospital, a dry well-shaft allows the moon to shine down into the Moon Reflection Well. After the Rougetsu Kagura, Shoji Katagiri heard voices coming from the well and guessed they belonged to the five kidnapped girls.

Shigeto Haibara's wife committed suicide by jumping from the roof. Her son You Haibara also went to the roof on the Day Without Suffering to await death, and there he killed and was killed by Choushiro Kirishima.

The player explores the hospital during Choushiro Kirishima and Misaki Asou's chapters.





  • Haibara Hospital reappears in Haunted House Mode in Fatal Frame: Deep Crimson Butterfly.
  • It is the second hospital to be featured in the series, but the first that the player can actually navigate through. The first hospital was Katsuragi Hospital in Fatal Frame III.