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Hall of Fire
Japanese name 火継堂
Romaji name Hitsugidō
Other names N/A
Location(s) Unfathomable Forest/Casket Marsh
Function Sanctum for the Forbidden Flame
Status Abandoned/Hidden
Game Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

The Hall of Fire is a shrine deep in the Unfathomable Forest of Mt. Hikami. It was the place where the Flamekeepers would watch over the Forbidden Flame, a sacred fire that was the sole thing with the ability to dispel black water, from which Purifying Embers were made from. The priests were tasked with guarding the flame in order to make sure it does not extinguish. In the main hall is an altar that has the flame enshrined right in the middle, and stacks of firewood against the walls. Reliquaries would be made and painted in the casket room on the second floor of this building.

Around the time of Ose Kurosawa's Ghost Marriage, Kyozo Kururugi slaughtered everyone on the mountain, that including the Flamekeepers inside the shrine. Like the Watarai Residence, this building mysteriously vanished, leaving the Casket Marsh in its place. During the game, the structure reappears during Chapter 10, dilapidated and partially-destroyed, and can be explored by Ren Hojo.