Hell Gate
Japanese name黄泉の門
Romaji nameYomi no Kado
Other namesN/A
Location(s)Underneath the Himuro Mansion
FunctionGate to Hell
StatusSealed and destroyed by Kirie Himuro
GameFatal Frame

The Hell Gate is a setting in Fatal Frame. It is a gateway found underneath the Himuro Mansion. It is said to be the entrance to the land of the dead.


Every 10 years, the Hell Gate would begin to open and was required to be resealed by the Blinding and Strangling rituals. If the Hell Gate opened, the Calamity would occur and Malice would spill out. The Himuro family gave themselves the duty of preventing this from ever occurring.

Also Known AsEdit

  • Gates of the Underworld

Ghosts EncounteredEdit

Notable Events (spoilers)Edit

  • In 1837 the Ceremony of the Ropes, part of the Strangling Ritual, fails, causing the Hell Gate to open. The Calamity occurs and Malice is released.
  • Kirie Himuro, upon being defeated by Miku Hinasaki merges back with the Girl in White Kimono and reseals the gate.
  • Mafuyu Hinasaki stays behind with Kirie.


  • In Japan, the north-east direction was once called the "Demon's Gate" (鬼門, kimon) and is still considered an unlucky direction where spirits travel from.
  • It is still unknown how the Hell Gate came to be.
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