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Himuro Family Master
Japanese name 氷室家当主
Romaji name Himuro Kazoku Shūshi
Other names Lord Himuro
Age Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Head of the Himuro Family
Daimyō (presumed, but uncomfirmed)
Cause of death Suicide
Encountered in Buddha Room
Great Hall
Family Himuro
Appearances Fatal Frame
Voice actor (Jp) Unknown
Voice actor (Eng) Unknown
Nobody leaves here alive!

—Lord Himuro to Miku Hinasaki, heard during battle

Himuro Family Master is a hostile male spirit in Fatal Frame.

He was the last family head of the Himuro Family. After the failure of the last Strangling Ritual, he survived the wave of Malice, but he was driven insane by it and killed a lot of people who survived the Calamity. After he killed all of the people in the mansion, he committed suicide out of guilt of what he had done. He performed many rituals that included The Strangling Ritual, Demon Tag Ritual, and Blinding Ritual.

When Kirie Himuro fell in love with a visitor that occasionally visited the mansion, she started to have a will to live, which could result in the ritual's failure. The Himuro Family Master was informed about this situation by the Headless Priests, and thus ordered the four priests to kill the visitor since the Rope Shrine Maiden mustn't have any ties to the living world, for it will taint her blood for the ceremony. Unfortunately, Kirie knows what happened and becomes depressed. The guilt she felt was the reason why the ritual failed which caused the Calamity.

When Kirie's ritual failed, he was infected by the Malice that spilled and was driven insane. The now-mad Family Master would massacre the other residents of the mansion, starting with the priests before eventually committing suicide.

He also wears a mask called the Mask of Reflection. Initially, this mask is simply blank and is made to reflect whoever was wearing it. Two faces are most likely to occur, angel or demon. In his case, the mask turned to that of a devil, which heavily implies that he was evil to begin with.


When Miku obtains the teal carving, a priest appears and is trying to escape from the Family Master, but he is finally caught and has his head cut off. The Family Master then attacks Miku.


When he his first encountered he moves fast and uses a sword as his weapon, however when he is encountered again at the Great Hall, he attacks Miku with a 3 hit combo, and dashes very quickly in front of her.

He can also throw ghostly heads at Miku, which distorts her vision.


Below is displayed the ghost's info according to the game's official guidebook.

Night 3[]

First appearance[]

  • HP: 600
  • Attack power: C
  • Movement: C
  • Location: Buddha Room
  • Profile: The ghost of the final Himuro Family master. Drenched in and driven mad by the Malice, he cuts off everyone's heads.

Second appearance[]

  • HP: 800
  • Attack power: C
  • Movement: C
  • Location: Grand Hall
  • Profile: The second encounter with the ghost of the family master. His health is 1.3 to 1.5 times higher than last time, and he is markedly stronger.

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