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Himuro Mansion
Japanese name 氷室邸
Romaji name himuro tei
Other names N/A
Location(s) Mutsu Region
Function Residence
Status Exorcised
Game Fatal Frame, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

The Himuro Mansion is the main setting in Fatal Frame. The mansion is centuries old and dates back far further than the Edo period of Japan. In the game's setting, the mansion was owned by the powerful Himuro family.



A map of Himuro Mansion

The mansion is located in the Himuro Mountain area, located in the southern region of the prefecture. The mansion is situated in such a way that it is surrounded and protected by five shrines in the surrounding mountains, that house five gods.


Ryozo Munakata purchased the mansion some decades after the disaster and moved in with his wife and daughter. The family were plagued by paranormal incidents, however, and construction was eventually halted.

Terrible rituals were performed deep in Himuro Mansion, such as the Strangling Ritual, the Demon Tag Ritual, and

Himuro Mansion from the outside view.

the Blinding Ritual. The Strangling Ritual and Blinding Ritual were performed in a hidden room, not shown on the house's original plans. This room is connected to the house by a long lattice corridor that starts at the Rubble Room.

These rituals were part of the Himuro family's duty to keep the Hell Gate sealed. The family was able to do this for many years until Kirie's ritual failed and caused The Calamity, killing most of the occupants of the mansion and unleashing the Malice, cursing the mansion and all who die within it. The Himuro Family Master then killed all those in the house who survived The Calamity before commiting suicide.


The ghost of the Rope Shrine Maiden within the mansion stands behind Miku

The mansion was left abandoned for many years as strange things kept happening to those who came too close. Locals were fearful of it.

A folklorist named Ryozo Munakata moved in with his family to study the mansion, but he and his family disappeared, killed by the mansion's curse. Years later, Junsei Takamine and his research team went to investigate the mansion for Takamine's newest work and disappeared, leading Mafuyu Hinasaki to the mansion in search of them, where he too disappeared. His younger sister, Miku Hinasaki, then arrives at the mansion and breaks the mansion's curse to rescue her brother.



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