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Himuro Mansion
Japanese name 氷室邸
Romaji name himuro tei
Other names N/A
Location(s) Mutsu Region
Function Residence
Status Exorcised
Game Fatal Frame
Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

The Himuro Mansion is the main setting in Fatal Frame. The mansion is centuries old and dates back far further than the Edo period of Japan. In the game's setting, the mansion was owned by the powerful Himuro family.



A map of Himuro Mansion

The mansion is located in the Himuro Mountain area, located in the southern region of the prefecture. The mansion is situated in such a way that it is surrounded and protected by five shrines in the surrounding mountains, that house five gods.


Earliest Mention[]

The location was the site of a temple, built over the Hell Gate. Five additional temples were built on the mountains surrounding the site, to aid in containing the Hell Gate.

Unknown- 1837[]

The previous temple shrine evolved into an extensive mansion complex owned by the Himuro family. This compound became the home of the head of the Himuro family's direct line, and the gathering place for the outlying family branches to gather and carry out the terrible rituals performed deep in Himuro Mansion, such as the Strangling Ritual, the Demon Tag Ritual, and


Himuro Mansion from the outside view.

the Blinding Ritual.

These rituals were part of the Himuro family's duty to keep the Hell Gate sealed.

In 1837, Kirie's ritual failed and caused The Calamity, killing most of the occupants of the mansion and unleashing the Malice, cursing the mansion and all who die within it. The Himuro Family Master became possessed and massacred all of those in the house who survived The Calamity before committing suicide.

These spirits remain trapped in an eternal loop, reliving the Calamity and their deaths.

Early 1900's[]

Ryozo Munakata purchased the mansion some decades after the massacre and moved in with his wife, Yae, and daughter. Munakata was a folklorist interested in the rituals and stories surrounding the mansion, and the idea was to live in and renovate the mansion while he conducted his research on the Himuro family documents. Small sections of the mansion were rewired for electricity as part of this incomplete and eventually abandoned renovation.

Munakata spent his days exploring the house, discovering several hidden rooms not on the building's blueprints, and many disturbing documents hinting at dark rituals. The family's young daughter, Mikoto, was given a Camera Obscura by the spirits of the mansion, which her mother, Yae, confiscated. Overuse of the camera lead the already-delicate Yae to go insane, as the spirits trapped in the house gained strength and began to plague her even without the camera. Mikoto and her friends disappeared, spirited away into the mansion after borrowing the camera. Driven mad with guilt, Yae killed herself. Munakata became convinced his stolen daughter was being hidden behind the entrance to the Hell Mouth, and used the information he discovered during his research to locate the sacred items needed for him to open the door. Unfortunately, he died before finding his child.

Mikoto was eventually found in the mountain woods outside of the mansion, and the house was abandoned once again.

Early 1900's to 1986[]

The mansion was left abandoned for many years as strange things kept happening to those who came too close. Locals were fearful of it. Dismembered bodies would occasionally appear in the mountain woods outside of the mansion, with limbs and heads ripped off.


Himuro Mansion Haunted

The ghost of the Rope Shrine Maiden within the mansion stands behind Miku

The holy mirrors in the shrines surrounding the Himuro mansion all break simultaneously during a small earthquake. The spirits of the mansion are now at peak strength, and able to draw the state of the mansion back in time as they relive the day of Calamity.

Intrigued by the dark rumors about gory, secret rituals, and the news stories about the mutilated bodies, best-selling novelist, Junsei Takamine, and his research team went to investigate the mansion for Takamine's newest work. The entire team disappeared, leading Mafuyu Hinasaki, a friend of Takamine, to the mansion in search of them, where he too disappeared. His younger sister, Miku Hinasaki, then arrives at the mansion and tries to break the mansion's curse to rescue her brother.



One of Tomoe Hirasaka's notebook scraps mentions a room she encountered which contained human heads who all attempted to speak with her, the heads belonged to victims of the Family Master's massacre. Which room this is and where it is located is unknown.


Himuro Mansion in the game (Renders of locations from Zero Wiki[1])[]

The images below are from the "real" Himuro Mansion, a long discussed topic since the game's release among fans. However, there is no evidence of the location existing other than as an urban legend. The "based on a true story" tag was added to the US release of the game only.[]