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Honoka Mikomori
Japanese name 水籠 仄火
Romaji name Mikomori Honoka
Other names Blood-Soaked Maiden 3
Age Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Shrine Maiden
Cause of death Killed by Kyozo Kururugi
Encountered in N/A
Family Unknown
Appearances Fatal Frame V: Maiden of Black Water
Voice actor (Jp) N/A
Voice actor (Eng) N/A

I have failed in my duty...

—Honoka Mikomori

Honoka Mikomori is a female spirit who appears in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. She was a shrine maiden apprentice living on Mt. Hikami.

She was stabbed in the back by Kyozo Kururugi, the one who slain all the other maidens at the site. She was one of the many maidens who drifted from the river and ended up in the Pool of Purification.

Honoka is known to have witnessed the death of Kirika Reizen.


  • The name Honoka means "dim" (仄) (hono) and "fire" (火) (ka).
  • Honoka's surname Mikomori means "water" (水) (mi) and "cage, basket" (籠) (komori).


  • "I want to glance within... To see inside... the innermost crevices of the soul. I want to feel the same pain... think the same thoughts. I want to feel everything... I must accept my death."