Junsei Takamine
Japanese name純正高峰
Romaji nameTakamine Junsei
Other namesMr. Takamine
Hair colorGray
Eye colorBlack
Cause of deathRope Curse
Encountered inNakarumi Shrine
AppearancesFatal Frame
Voice actor (Jp)Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Voice actor (Eng)Matt Lagan

I must hurry... I'm beginning to show rope marks...

—Junsei, after Kirie performed her first attack on him.

Junsei Takamine is a male character in Fatal Frame.

Takamine was a best-selling novelist, although his career was in some trouble in 1986. He departed for the Himuro Mansion in September on that year with his editor, Koji Ogata, and his assistant, Tomoe Hirasaka, in hopes of gathering research for his new book.


Upon entering the mansion and learning of the fate of the previous inhabitants, he and his party were attacked by Kirie Himuro, a malicious spirit wandering the mansion's halls. Koji Ogata was the first to manifest the rope marks that presaged death. He was eventually killed after being seperated from the group; Takamine and Tomoe discovered his remains. Due to this, the effects of the curse and her own psychic abilities, Tomoe lost her mind and began to see the ghost of the mansion. Takamine then set about researching Himuro Mansion's curse; it is evident he learned Kirie's name from Tomoe. Tomoe was subsequently murdered before Takamine's eyes by Kirie in the Abyss, after which Kirie looked directly at him, indicating that he was next.


After the curse began to affect him, Takamine remembered Tomoe telling him of a Holy Mirror. Takamine then attempted to assemble the mirror by using the Buddha statues located in the Narukami Shrine. Before he could make any headway, his time ran out and Kirie executed him in a grotesque crucifixion before dashing his body upon the ceiling inside of the Shinto gate.


Takamine is the final boss ghost in the 1st Night, he has the ability to blind the player and can move fast. His special ability is to more or less "blind" Miku for a short time, making him harder to see.


  • After his spirit was defeated, his last words were  "The last Buddha statue... is in the Shinto gate". Giving the player a hint to where the Buddha statue is.
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