Kageri Sendou
Kageri Sendou1
Japanese name千堂 翳
Romaji nameSendou Kageri
Other namesBlack Woman/Woman in Black
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorUnknown
OccupationLuna Sedata patient
Cause of deathLuna Sedata Syndrome/Blooming
Encountered inRougetsu Hall: Moonflower Garden, Gesshou Gallery, Room 311
FamilyKarou Sendou (late twin sister)
Watashi (doll)
AppearancesFatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
Voice actor (Jp)None
Voice actor (Eng)Unknown

Kageri Sendou is a hostile female spirit in Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse. She was an intensive-care patient at Rougetsu Hall. A member of the important Sendou family, her treatment was administered by her own family doctor, and staff at Rougetsu Hall were warned not to interfere. After losing her twin sister Kaoru in an accident (caused by Kageri herself), she made a doll in the likeness of her sister, and pushed it around in a wheelchair. The two would go for a walk in the hospital courtyard every day, and Kageri would "show" the doll the scenery, spending the rest of her time tending to the doll.

According to one of her letters, Kageri was a witness to the Day Without Suffering as she mentions seeing a Woman in the courtyard with a blurred face causing people to bloom. She further mentions that she would like to go back to the beach. It is possible that she died from blooming while on the beach.


Like most ghosts Kageri floats, disappears, and reappears around the player. When she begins to attack she quickly floats towards the player.

The first fight is triggered when Ruka Minazuki attempts to touch Watashi, and Kageri appears saying "Don't touch me...". Kageri is fought in the Moonflower Garden and includes both herself and her doll Watashi. This fight is made doubly challenging as Watashi cannot be damaged or pushed away. The Watashi isn't very hard to make out, but can decieve the player because it gives Fatal Frames and Shutter Chances but doesn't even push or give time to escape. In Nightmare Mode, if one of them touches the player, it drains their health extremely fast. For Nightmare Mode, the evade ability is extremely useful. If timed quick enough, the player can side step it before it grabs them. This is probably by far one of the hardest fights in the game. This fight is very similar to the doll fight with Akane Kiryu and the Azami doll in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly in the doll room.

The next fight is triggered by Choushiro Kirishima in the gallery.


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