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Kaoru Sendou
Japanese name 千堂 馨
Romaji name Sendou Kaoru
Other names N/A
Age Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye color Unknown
Occupation {{{occupation}}}
Cause of death "Accident"
Encountered in N/A
Family Kageri Sendou (twin sister)
Appearances Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
Voice actor (Jp) N/A
Voice actor (Eng) None

Kaoru Sendou was Kageri Sendou's older twin and an inhabitant of Rougetsu Island.  She seemed to have had a troubled relationship with her sister.

Kaoru couldn't walk because Kageri deliberately pushed her. Although details are vague, there are notes mentioning that Kageri made a confession that Kaoru rejected. However, in her last letter addressed to her sister, Kaoru says that she understands that she cannot escape from Kageri no matter where she goes, and states that her only option is to pray for her.

After Kaoru's death, her sister made a doll in her image, called "Watashi", which she treated like Kaoru.