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Katsuhito Kariya
Japanese name 刈谷 克人
Romaji name Kariya Katsuhito
Other names None
Age Unknown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Patient
Cause of death Blooming
Encountered in Haibara Hospital Entrance Hall (Chapter 3)
Family Unknown
Appearances Fatal Frame IV
Voice actor (Jp) Unknown
Voice actor (Eng) Unknown

Katsuhito Kariya was a patient at Haibara Hospital with an advanced case of Luna Sedata Syndrome. He could not recognise his own face due to the illness. Since childhood, he has suffered persecution mania, and in his time at the hospital, he became convinced that the hospital was conducting experiments on humans.

Katsuhito most likely died on the Day Without Suffering, when Sakuya Haibara passed on Blooming onto him.