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Kazuto Amaki is a hostile male spirit in Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse.

He is a small boy confined to Rougetsu Hall on Rougetsu Island. Kazuto is encountered as a hostile ghost during chapter 1. His room is cluttered with countless things he has stolen. Among them is an eroded mask, needed for a picture puzzle to advance the game.

Info[edit | edit source]

In the second floor room assignment list, it states:

Room 206 - Shougetsu (Month of Focus)
Kazuto Amaki
Special Notes...
Terrible stealing habit. Does not heed warnings.
Please make a report if you find anything.
Reclaiming the stolen property will anger him
unnecessarily, but if you ask him politely,
he won't resist and will return the items.

In his room, it can be found Boy's Diary 1, which reads:

April 6 - Rain
Today I found it again.
This time, it happened to be in the dining room.
It was the mask.
They can't take it away! They aren't allowed to!
They have to give it back!
I found it today.
I hid the mask well,
under the bed
They won't take it again.
They came and took it!
don't follow me

After defeating him, he drops Boy' Diary 2.

It isn't here
Someone stole it
If they don't return it soon
I'll disappear fast
Who was it?
Give it back 


Give it back give it back give it back 
Dis ap pear
Give it back


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