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Kei Amakura
Japanese name 天倉 螢
Romaji name Amakura Kei
Age 26
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Occupation Journalist/Folklorist
Status Alive (canon ending)
Family Shizu Amakura (sister),
Misao Amakura (brother-in-law)
Mio Amakura (niece),
Mayu Amakura (niece)
Appearances Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
Voice actor (Jp) Yusei Oda
Voice actor (Eng) Josh Keaton
...There might still be some hope.

—Kei to Rei Kurosawa

Kei Amakura is one of the three protagonists in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented. Having researched the folklore of the Kuze Shrine, Kei is somewhat versed in the superstitions and rituals that went on inside its walls. However, involvement into the shrine's past and its curse has caused Kei to dream of the Manor of Sleep himself.


An aspiring folklorist, Kei formerly worked under Junsei Takamine as an editor along with Mafuyu Hinasaki and Yuu Asou.

After the events of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, Kei was taking care of his niece, Mio, who was still traumatized by the death of Mayu. He is unable to understand the situation as Mio refuses to spill details or her sudden fear towards the Camera Obscura. In an attempt to get a better grasp, Kei would contact his friend, Yuu, though Mio still refused to divulge information.

Due to her stress and trauma, Mio would find herself entering the Manor of Sleep, and Kei would make desperate attempts to rescue his niece. After Yuu's sudden passing in a car crash, he calls up the deceased's fiancé, Rei Kurosawa, who was suffering from similar symptoms alongside Miku Hinasaki, the sister of Mafuyu. He would remain in close contact with Rei and would provide as much information as he could to help save

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented[]

Kei would ultimately enter the Manor of Sleep himself in Hour V in his search for Mio. After navigating his way past the manor's ghosts, and matriarch, he would find Mio trapped within a cell and surrounded by Crimson Butterflies before his dream suddenly ends.

When he returns to the manor at Hour VIII, Kei would begin uncovering some of Mio's memories during her time inside Minakami Village and would be forced to battle a Kusabi in his attempt to free Mio from her cell. During Hour X, he ends up becoming hunted by Kyouka Kuze as he gains more information regarding the tattoo curse and the Chamber of Thorns.


Normal Ending[]


If Kei does not have both Echo Stone Earrings, Kei would work his way to the Chamber of Thorns in Hour XII; intending to stop the curse by impaling Reika Kuze with the Stake of Tattooes and is horrified to find the corpses of the impaled priestesses. As he approaches Reika, he realizes that she had already been staked repeatedly which had no effect, and before he can leave, the door to the Chamber shuts, trapping him within.

By the time Rei wakes up, she finds only Kei's soot stains on the sofa, indicating that he had succumbed to the manor.

Ending 2[]

To save Kei and Mio from the curse, the player must must first obtain the two Echo Stone Earrings:

  • In Hour X, before crossing the double door in the Garden Corridor (The Manor of Sleep 1F) that leads to the Shrine Courtyard, the player must go to the Stairs Hallway (The Manor of Sleep 2F) and push the chest blocking the door. The door leads to one of the roofs in the Grave Courtyard. By crossing to the other side of the roof, there will be a door that leads to the Closed Room. In this room, the player must get the Purple Diary 4 lying on the ground. After acquiring the diary, the vanishing spirit of Kyouka will appear crying above the joint in the floorboards. After opening the joint, there's a ladder that leads to the room below. After climbing down the ladder, the player will fight Kyouka and after beating her, the Holly Key will be acquired. This key unlocks the drawer in the mirror stand in the Kimono Room (The Manor of Sleep 2F). By opening the drawer, the player will get Kyouka's earring, a file written by her loved one, Akito, and a photo of him. It is recommended to do this before opening the double door in the Garden Corridor since the miasma won't be released, thus the player won't need to worry about getting Purifying Candles. After completing Hour XII, if the player caught Kyouka's earring, then Kei will be seen asleep on the sofa. The reason why Kei doesn't disappear if he gets Kyouka's earring could be because of the huge resemblance between him and Kyouka's loved one, thus the earring acts as some kind of protection and prevents Kei from falling under the curse's final stage.
  • The Echo Stone Earring can be obtained in Rei's house after completing the events in the dream world in Hour XII. To get it, the player must listen to the Ototsuki tape, which is found in Kei's bag near the sofa, in the tape player in Rei's bedroom. After listening to the tape, the Spirit Stone Radio will start reacting to noises coming from somewhere in the house. These noises are caused by the echo stone earring, which is found in the attic in Miku's room. This must be done before Rei goes to sleep and begins Hour XIII. The reason why the echo stone earring start making noises could be because it holds Reika's thoughts, and since the Ototsuki tape has the voice of Reika's loved one, Kaname, the earring starts reacting to it.

Mio is introduced by Kei to Rei and Miku.

Due to the second earring only becoming obtainable in the Hour directly after Kei's disappearance, the ending is consequently only available after clearing the game a first time.

Should the player obtain the earrings, Kei will be left physically unharmed by the end of Hour XII and is subsequently found on the sofa, still in a deep sleep like Miku. During the ending credits, a photo is shown depicting Kei with a cured Mio, whom he later formally introduces to Miku and Rei.

According to director, Makoto Shibata, this is the game's canonical ending.


Kei has styled black hair with bangs that is parted to the right, he has black colored eyes. Kei also has pale skin.

He wears a simple necklace around his neck. His outfit consists of an opened black polo shirt, under it is another shirt colored lavender/indigo which has the top buttons undone, he wears a pair of black wristbands in each wrist.

For his bottom, Kei is wearing stone wash colored jeans and a belt, Kei wears black shoes as footwear.


  • The name Kei means "firefly" (螢).
  • Kei's surname Amakura means "heaven, sky" (天) (ama) and "warehouse" (倉) (kura).


  • Kei has only two unlockable costumes, and both are long summer yukatas.
  • Like his friend Mafuyu, Kei also bears a striking resemblance to one of the spirits' loved one.
  • While Kei is sleeping on Rei's couch in her living room, he will utter one of two sentences:
    • "Mio... Mayu.... No... Don't go..."
      "Yuu...! Mafuyu...! But why..? Please don't leave me behind..."
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