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A man's fate is sealed once he recognizes a shrine maiden's beauty.

—Keiji Watarai

Keiji Watarai
Japanese name 渡会 啓示
Romaji name Watarai Keiji
Age Unknown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Occupation Folklorist
Status Deceased
Family Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Appearances Fatal Frame V: Maiden of Black Water
Voice actor (JPN) N/A
Voice actor (ENG) N/A

Keiji Watarai is a male character in Fatal Frame V: Maiden of Black Water. He was a folklorist researching Mount Hikami. He lived in a house on the mountain from which he conducted his research, but while he was studying the mountain's religion, both he and the house vanished.


Keiji lived in England being the son of a Japanese mother and an English father. He went on countless of journeys to Japan due to his interest in Japanese folklore.

He came to Mt. Hikami to learn of the rituals which are preformed there. He became a good acquaintance with the current owner of Ichiru Manor, who aided his search for Postmortem Photographs, collecting them for him from nearby towns.

He was also interested in learning the life of Dr. Kunihiko Asou. Keiji had a house built for him in Mt. Hikami to further investigate. His research, however, would be the death of him, as he caught a glimpse of Asou's picture of Ouse Kurosawa and was immediately enthralled. He later found his way to reach her but was deemed an unworthy groom and was killed instead, likely by the contorting of his body when he was placed into the reliquary; a fate shared by fellow failed groom Kazuya Sakaki. Due to his disappearance, his home soon became the Veiled House that vanishes, trapping those who explore it.

In battle, Keiji's attacks and movements are identical to Kazuya.

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  • The name Keiji means "revelation" (啓示).
  • Keiji's surname Watarai means "transit" (渡) (wata) and "meeting" (会) (rai).