Kirie's Lover
Japanese name霧絵の想い人 (きりえ の おもいびと)
Romaji nameUnknown
Other namesGuest
AgeUnknown, 21 (estimated)
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorUnknown
OccupationUnknown - Guest at Himuro Mansion
Cause of deathMurdered by the Himuro Family
Encountered inDungeon, Abyss
AppearancesFatal Frame
Voice actor (Jp)Unknown
Voice actor (Eng)Unknown

Kirie's Lover is a male character and non-hostile spirit in Fatal Frame.


He attended the Himuro Mansion as a guest and while gazing at the cherry blossoms, Kirie saw him and both talked about great things. However, this led him into trouble. The family master order the four priests to kill him and hid his body somewhere far away.

His name, when he stayed at Himuro mansion and why he was there is unknown. He came from an unknown village to Himuro mansion for an unknown reason, he must've been someone of great importance as he was actually allowed to visit Kirie. The second time Kirie saw him, he waved at her and her cheeks burned, which she later realised to be a sign of falling in love with him, which she did. When Kirie was allowed to go outside, she and him spent time in the Cherry Atrium, chatting about things.

As he began to visit Kirie more often, Lord Himuro was concerned that he would stop Kirie from fulfilling her duty as a Rope Shrine Maiden by giving her worldly connections, in order to stop Kirie from losing her power to keep the Hell Gate closed when the time came he ordered the visitor to be killed, the Priest killed him, feeling remorse for doing so, and hid his body in the Abyss.

Kirie was told he had returned to his village but she knew they had killed him, sad and full of guilt at getting him killed, she was unable to successfully fulfill her role as the Rope Shrine Maiden because she was emotionally conflicted, seeing her emotionally conflicted and depressed at the loss of her love, the Himuro family priests thought their master's decision to have Kirie's lover killed was a poor one.

Kirie was so depressed and sad, the Laceration Ropes covered in her blood weren't strong enough to hold the Hell Gate closed and the Calamity happened.

The visitor returned as a Hidden Ghost in the Abyss.


  • He bears a striking resemblance to Mafuyu. Whether this is coincidence or not is unknown, some think Mafuyu is a re-incarnation of him due to the fact they look seemingly identical, even Kirie mistook Mafuyu for him.
  • The Guest Notes available in the games' Fatal Mode reveal he fell in love with her too.
  • In the Fatal Mode ending it's revealed Kirie and her love reunite after the cave in and they seal the gate for eternity together.
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