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Kizuna Himuro
Kizuna Himuro.png
Japanese name 氷室 絆
Romaji name Himuro Kizuna
Other names Rope Priestess
Age Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Former Rope Shrine Maiden
Cause of death Strangling Ritual
Encountered in Rope Hallway, Rope Palace
Family Himuro family
Appearances Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
Voice actor (Jp) [[]]
Voice actor (Eng) Lusia Strus
...I have severed all of my attachments.

—Kizuna Himuro in her diary

Kizuna Himuro is a hostile female spirit in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented. A former Rope Shrine Maiden, Kizuna died in order to protect the Himuro Mansion and surrounding area from the Calamity. However, because of the curse of the Manor of Sleep, Kizuna's spirit is trapped inside the Himuro Mansion that Miku Hinasaki enters in her dreams.


Kizuna, having been successfully sacrificed in the Strangling Ritual, appears with all her limbs and head severed from her body. Despite this, her limbs hover in their respective positions, giving her an elongated appearance. The sacred ropes used to pull on her arms, legs and neck are still tied around her and the kimono she wears is bloodied where her limbs were torn off. While attacking, Kizuna says no words, but screams and moans angrily.


Kizuna Himuro rises from behind the strangling dais.

Because of the violent nature of her death, Kizuna's spirit becomes hostile and attacks Miku. She attacks by flailing her detached arms while quickly approaching the player's direction. Before attacking, Kizuna hovers from side to side, and sometimes, instead of directly approaching, she may swoop down under the player and attack from behind. While behind the player, Kizuna pulls them up by their limbs in the same position as when she was strangled, while simultaneously inflicting damage. Although the player can escape easily from this, it deals extreme amounts of damage if not quickly escaped from.


  • The name Kizuna means "bonds" (絆).
  • Kizuna's surname Himuro means "ice" (氷) (hi) and "room" (室) (muro).

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