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Where did he go?

—Kozue to Rei Kurosawa

Kozue Kuzuhara
Japanese name 葛原 梢
Romaji name Kuzuhara Kozue
Other names Wondering Daughter
Age 5
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Occupation Daughter
Cause of death Tattooed Curse
Encountered in Hearth Room
Family Makie Kozue Mother

Unnamed Father

Appearances Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
Voice actor (Jp) [[Miyuu Tsuzuhara]]
Voice actor (Eng) April Hong

Kozue Kuzuhara, also known as Wandering Daughter, is a hostile female ghost that haunts the Manor of Sleep in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented. She is the daughter of Makie Kuzuhara.


In one of the days, Kozue asked her father to retrieve her ball that was in the roof. He accepted her humble request and climbed the roof. During this task, he fell to his death. Kozue never told her mother about the accident nor did she share with her her emotions of guilt and remorse. When Makie discovered her husband's dead body, she told Kozue that he went missing and so the two begin their search for the deceased in the mountains daily, each hiding their secrets.


After several days of the two's disappearance, a neibghour came to visit. The only thing that remained from them was the black stain from the Tattooed Curse.

Kozue remained at her mother's side as they succumbed to the Manor of Sleep. The two searched aimlessly for their loved one. Once the feeling of remorse started tearing Kozue little by little she deserted her mother unable to contain her grief.

Kozue haunts the Manor of Sleep and puts the blame of her father's death upon everyone she encounters. This indicates that she did not want to feel responsible for her father's demise. After the completion of the Mother and Daughter side quest, Kozue leaves a scrap of paper containing her confession.


  • The name Kozue means "treetop" (梢).
  • Kozue's surname Kuzuhara means "arrowroot" (葛) (kuzu) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).


  • "Daddy's dead..."
  • "You killed Daddy!"
  • "I'm sorry..."
  • "Daddy fell... I... I... I..."