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Kureha Shrine
Japanese name 暮羽神社
Romaji name Kureha jinja
Other names N/A
Location(s) Minakami Village
Function Shinto shrine
Status Abandoned
Game Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly

Kureha Shrine is a setting in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. It is the Shinto shrine on the outer boundaries of All God's Village.

It was the shrine that presumably served the religious needs of the people who resided in the village. Behind the main altar is a door to an underground passage leading outside the village, but was then sealed after a pair of Twin Shrine Maidens tried to escape. According to Ryokan Kurosawa, the twins were killed in a cave-in, however, Mio writes in a memo that they were "ambushed and killed". The passageway is sealed by a mechanism in the Old Tree and by talismans placed on the door.

A giant Crimson Butterfly is painted on the entrance doors and on a large cloth hung on the back wall, which was the Kurosawa Family Crest.

In the final chapter, Mio discovers and opens a secret passageway that leads out of the village. If the player chooses to go through this passage without saving Mayu, the Lingering Scent ending is triggered.

In Deep Crimson Butterfly, there is more known about the background of the Kureha Shrine. It is named after Kureha, the priestess of the shrine. She was a Twin Shrine Maiden long ago whose twin sister died at birth, making her a Remaining since she was born. Due to the spread of the village's beliefs throughout neighboring villages in the mountains, there are multiple other Kureha Shrines in the area at which derivations of the Shadow Festival were held, and lanterns representing Crimson Butterflies were released into the sky. In the Shadow Festival Ending, Mio and Mayu visited one such shrine located at the foot of the mountain near the village they lived in as children.

Legend has it that at the time of the Shadow Festival, the door at the back of the shrine opens onto a haunted house.