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Kuze Shrine
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Japanese name 久世の宮
Romaji name Kuze no miya
Other names Manor of Sleep (in dreams)
Location(s) Mutsu Region
Function Was a working shrine in its heyday, is now an abandoned residence and supposedly haunted house
Status Abandoned/Destroyed by the Rift
Game Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

The Kuze Shrine is a setting in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented. It is the real world version of the manor of sleep and is only seen in the beginning of the game. It appears to be abandoned and in complete disrepair. Rei goes to the shrine for an assignment when she sees an image of her fiancé Yuu and begins to fall under the tattoo curse.


Back then, the shrine was place where people who have lost loved ones visit to pray or let the Tattooed Priestess take away their suffering. Some people would offer blood from their loved ones to the shrine along with their own to be used as ink for the Piercing Of The Soul.

Only women and girls were allowed to run the shrine, as men were only used to offer their pain or to help continue the line of the Kuze family, in certain circumstances. Many girls were adopted into the Kuze family, some became Handmaidens to take part in the Impalement Ritual, some Engravers to tattoo onto the Priestess the pain of others, and some even became one of the Tattooed Priestesses themselves.

In the Meiji period, Shrine Carpenters sealed the shrine off after the Unleashing occurred, deeming the place abandoned. Eventually the shrine became a recurring place of many ghost stories and legends, often those revolving around interacting with deceased loved ones.

Known Residents[]