The Library is a setting in Fatal Frame. It is a room in the Himuro Mansion. 

Description[edit | edit source]

The Libary is the only room that can be entered from the Lamp Hallway on the 1st Night. Though it's called the "Library", no books are found inside.

On the 1st Night, a newspaper clipping can be found on top of the dresser. Type-74 Film can also be found on one of the window seats. There is a door leading to the Kimono Room which is sealed shut until Miku investigates the closet and gets the tape player.

This is the room where the editor Koji Ogata was killed by Kirie, as shown in a cutscene triggered when Miku investigates the closet. Once Miku has retrived the Tape Player from the closet, the sliding door to the Kimono Room will open.

When Miku leaves the Kimono Room to investigate the Ornamental Lion Mask, as she opens the door to the Lamp Hallway, Ogata's ghost will appear and attack her. Once she returns with the Red Handmirror, he will again appear in the doorway when she opens it to reenter the room, but will not attack and disappears.

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