Long Arms
Long Arms
Japanese name長い腕
Romaji nameNagai ude
Other namesNone
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBlack
Cause of deathUnknown
Encountered inWalkway (Night 1) and Stairway (Night 2)
AppearancesFatal Frame
Voice actor (Jp)Unknown
Voice actor (Eng)Unknown

Give back my child!

Long Arms is a hostile male spirit in Fatal Frame.


As his name suggests, this spirit's arms are very long when compared to his body. Why his arms are this long are unknown, but it is likely symbolic of his behavior.

Long Arms is the father of a previous Rope Shrine Maiden. His daughter was, most likely, one of the successful victims of the Strangling Ritual prior to the failed ritual (the one that resulted in the Calamity). Long Arms likely sought to halt the Ritual because he couldn't stand losing his daughter, which might have been what resulted in his death (e.g. he was killed for attempting to stop the Ritual). However, this is unconfirmed.

After his death, Long Arms couldn't rest in peace and came back from death to try and find his daughter. However, in his attempts to do so, he accidentally ends up killing three other children, none of which are his daughter. However, some fans speculate that the Former Rope Shrine Maiden ghost may be the daughter of Long Arms.

The first child he accidentally killed, a little girl, was pulled into the well in the Courtyard (Girl in the Well). The second child, a small boy, was killed behind the big clock in the room with a fireplace (Clock Boy). The last child, another little girl, was killed in the Doll Room (Crawling Girl).

None of the bodies of these children were ever found, but their ghosts still haunt Himuro Mansion.


Below is displayed the ghost's info according to the game's official guidebook.

Night 1Edit

  • HP: 250
  • Attack power: C
  • Movement: C
  • Location: Walkway
  • Profile: The ghost of a man whose treasured daughter became a Rope Shrine Maiden due to the ritual. Thoughts of his daughter turned him into an evil spirit, and the children he kidnaps are spirited away.

Night 2Edit

  • HP: 300
  • Attack power: C
  • Movement: C
  • Location: Stairway
  • Profile: The only difference from the first night is his increased HP. His agility and attack are unchanged. His attack pattern is also the same.


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