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Maidens of Black Water
Japanese name 濡鴉ノ巫女
Romaji name Nuregarasu no Miko
Other names Maiden Who Glances
Age Varies
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark
Occupation Shrine maiden
Cause of death Varies
Encountered in Unfathomable Forest
Family Unknown
Appearances Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water
Voice actor (Jp) N/A
Voice actor (Eng) N/A

The Maidens of Black Water (濡鴉ノ巫女, Nuregarasu no Miko) are a group of shrine maidens who appear in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. They lived on Mt. Hikami participating in all local rituals and worshiping water. They formerly lived in a sanctuary at the base of the mountain, this being re-modeled to the current Mikomori Onsen.

Only those who are allowed to climb or those who wish to die can follow the mountain path. At the end of the Edo period, almost all the maidens were killed in a massacre by Kyozo Kururugi and their traditions were abandoned.

Description and Rites[]

The maidens keep their bodies and hair wet at all times, so their dark and shiny hair is like that of a wet crow, hence the Japanese name meaning "shrine maidens of the wet crow". They wear veils that cover their eyes, adorned with an elaborate headdress. When they entered the forest to become maidens, they took the Mikomori surname possibly from the shrine located at the Mikomori Pond. They are purified with water from the Pool of Purification in the Unfathomable Forest. They also had to go through hard training. The main duty of the maidens is to "Glance" at the souls of those who traveled to the mountain to end their lives, for which they could die "correctly" and return to the water to rest in peace. People who wished to die had to enter the back of the mountain and select a maiden to accompany them. The maiden was to remove the veil from her and see with her own eyes the death of the person, secretly taking sins and emotions at the moment of death, and keeping them with them forever. Maidens with lower power had to make physical contact with the person in order to use this ability, but the stronger ones only needed to look.

Over time the maidens used the method of glancing at memories so much that their hearts were filled with emotions. At that time a Passage Boat was used to travel from the Ephemeral Shrine to the Minakami Shrine, where they are placed in a Black Box and sunk in the Black Lake, to be used as pillars to calm and stop the Yomi.

To prevent the Spring Shadow from overflowing, an especially powerful maiden is placed in a Hitsugi Kago waiting for a man to enter the Yuukon with her. Her "husband" is put in the box with her, creating a more powerful pillar that could withstand her function for a month before she overflows again.


One day, Kyozo Kururugi had come to the mountain after murdering his sister's lover for abuse and went through the traditional process of seeking death. When his miko glanced upon him, however, he became paranoid that she had seen his crime and fled in the fear of being "exposed".

Painting himself in writing to prevent himself from being "seen", he went on a rampage on the mountain, arriving at the Hall of Fire to decapitate the Flamekeepers and killing all the other miko; gouging their eyes for good measure.

The stress of the sudden deaths of all the maidens, alongside her own lingering feelings for Kunihiko Asou, caused Ouse Kurosawa's Yuukon ritual to fail and resulting in the overflowing of Black Water which tainted the spirits of the dead. What's more, the death of the Flamekeepers only allowed the Black Water's spread to accelerate throughout the entire mountain and its vicinity.

Future legends, likely unaware of the true nature of the massacre, would instead claim a lovesick warrior was rejected by a shrine maiden who was far too bound in her duties to start a romance. Enraged, the man killed the maiden, and something in her eyes haunted him into gouging her eyes and murdering the other maidens; dumping their corpses into the Pool of Purification before committing suicide himself.

Known Members[]


  • "She said we'd drown together. She said we'd end it together…didn't she?"
  • "Such a lovely, quiet spot. I like it here. This is where I'll end it."
  • "I will glance into your soul. Nobody dies alone… I shall follow you into the next life one day. And I shall take your final thoughts…your feelings…with me. All is connected by water. The soul dissolves, and it, too, returns to the water."