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Masato Hinasaki
Japanese name
Romaji name Hinasaki Masato
Hair color
Eye color
Occupation Archaeologist, Husband and Father
Family Hinasaki family
Mikoto Munakata (mother-in-law)
Miyuki Hinasaki (wife)
Mafuyu Hinasaki (son)
Miku Hinasaki (daughter)
Miu Hinasaki (granddaughter)
Appearances Fatal Frame
Voice actor (Jp) none
Voice actor (Eng) none

Masato Hinasaki is a male character in the Fatal Frame series. He is a relative of Mrs. Hinasaki who took in Mikoto Munakata after her parents died and the father of Mafuyu Hinasaki and Miku Hinasaki.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Masato married Miyuki Hinasaki (Mikoto Munakata's daughter) under uncertain circumstances. Miyuki was one of Masato's archaeology students, acting as his assistant by using her mother’s camera (which was actually the Camera Obscura) to take pictures at their dig sites. Although the couple ended up with two children, their marriage soon became strained by Masato's work-related absences from home. Miku Hinasaki has never mentioned him; since she stills mourns her mother and brother, it is probable he died/disappeared when she was very young.

Since Masato is not mentioned in any game, it is possible he was put on the website to rationalize Miku bearing the Hinasaki surname. In the game, Mikoto's adoption by Mr. Hinasaki was put there as a clue as to Miku's relationship to her. In the novel it was clarified that Mikoto retained her own name at least until marriage. In short, the name Hinasaki may have been put in initially without much thought and Masato's story was added to further explain Miku's origins.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • Masato's surname Hinasaki means "chick, squab, duckling, doll" (雛) (hina) and "blossom" (咲) (saki).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Zero ~Shisei no Koe~ source material, Masato and Miyuki Hinasaki appear to have given a cat named Ruri to Miku.
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