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Masumi Makimura
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Japanese name 槙村 真澄
Romaji name Makimura Masumi
Other names The Cut Man (Deep Crimson Butterfly)
Age 26
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Occupation Land Surveyor
Cause of death Killed by Kusabi
Encountered in Osaka House
Family Miyako Sudo (girlfriend)
Appearances Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly
Voice actor (Jp)
Voice actor (Eng) Robin Atkin Downes (CB)
Charlie Hayes (DCB)

Masumi Makimura is a hostile male spirit in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. He was a land surveyor who was surveying the All God's Dam when he disappeared.


Fatal Frame II[]

Masumi was assigned to survey the area of Minakami for the new dam, but went missing shortly after arriving. A search was conducted, but ended after 10 days, with no luck on finding his whereabouts. Once becoming trapped in the village, Masumi went to find a means of escape, leaving behind notes as to possible clues. His girlfriend, Miyako Sudo, went looking for him, believing he was still alive. At some point, the two found each other, but for only a brief moment. Miyako sustained an injury to her leg and was placed in the Osaka House, while Masumi looked for a way out. He made his way to the Kurosawa house, where he met his unfortunate end at the hands of the Kusabi.

Following his death, Masumi's ghost worked his way back to the Osaka House and subsequently killed Miyako. It is revealed in the Bloody Ring Sidequest that Masumi planned to propose to Miyako.


Below is displayed the ghost's info according to the game's official guidebook.

Chapter 5[]

  • Location: Osaka House / Back Room
  • HP: 300
  • Strength: C

Chapter 8[]

  • Location: Osaka House / random
  • HP: 300
  • Strength: C

Final Chapter[]

  • Location: Osaka House / random
  • HP: 300
  • Strength: C

Bloody Ring Sidequest[]

  • To activate the Bloody Ring Sidequest, take Miyako's picture in the beginning of Chapter Two and collecting the notes and examining the respective locations:
    • Check the base of statues to the left by the lone pinwheel, in the stairs leading to the Kureha Shrine. This is Village Report 1.
    • Check the well in front of the Store House. This is Village Report 2.
    • Check the door of the Kureha Shrine. This is Village Report 3.
    • Check the Torii gate at the top of Misono Hill, the area where the game starts (not the forest at the beginning). This is Village Report 4.
      • Note: The files can be obtained in any order.
    • After obtaining the last file, Village Report 5 will be added also to files.
  • Following the sidequest, in Chapter Four, in the storeroom of Kurosawa House, Masumi's ghost will appear (non-hostile), and after taking a photo of it, the Bloody Ring will appear on the ground.
  • In Chapter Five, upon entering the back room of Osaka House, a cutscene will play showing the fates of Miyako and Masumi. Mio then picks up Masumi's bloody memo and a Spirit Stone called Sard. Then the ghosts of Miyako and Masumi will attack Mio.
  • After defeating the ghosts, Mio picks up another file, Miyako's End, which explains that Masumi was killed by the Kusabi.
  • In the credits of the "Promise" ending, he and Miyako can be seen in the Osaka house together, watching the Crimson Butterflies swarm out.


  • The name Masumi means "reality" (真) (ma) and "clear" (澄) (sumi).
  • Masumi's surname Makimura means "yew plum pine" (槙) (maki) and "village" (村) (mura).

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