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Miku Hinasaki
FF3 Miku Hinasaki.png
Japanese name 雛咲 深紅
Romaji name Hinasaki Miku
Age 17 (Fatal Frame)
19 (Fatal Frame III)
37 (23 in appearance) (Fatal Frame V)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Occupation High School Student (Fatal Frame)
Assistant photographer (Fatal Frame III)
Unknown (Fatal Frame V)
Status Alive (Good ending)

Spirited away (Bad ending)

Family Hinasaki family
Ryokan Kurosawa (great-great-grandfather)
Ryozo Munakata (great-grandfather)
Yae Kurosawa (great-grandmother)
Sae Kurosawa (great-grandaunt)
Mikoto Munakata (grandmother)
Masato Hinasaki (father)
Miyuki Hinasaki (mother)
Mafuyu Hinasaki (older brother/husband)
Miu Hinasaki (daughter)
Appearances Fatal Frame
Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

Fatal Frame V

Voice actor (Jp) Rika Wakusawa
Voice actor (Eng) Rumiko Varnes (Fatal Frame)

Kim Mai Guest (Fatal Frame III: The Tormented)

I wonder how long it's been...
...since my brother and I began to see things other people can't see.

—Miku Hinasaki

Miku Hina​saki (雛咲 深紅 Hinasaki Miku) is the main character in the series debut, Fatal Frame. Miku comes from a family susceptible to the paranormal, and, like others in her family, is able to utilize the Camera Obscura, a unique camera that has the ability to see the impossible and capture images of the other side. She and her brother, Mafuyu, were introduced as the first protagonists of the franchise when they became trapped as soon as they set foot in the haunted Himuro Mansion.

With her heightened paranormal abilities, she is again tasked with handling the Camera Obscura to shed light on the surrounding mysteries.



Miku discovering her mother's suicide.

Miku was first introduced when she was 17 and in high school (college in American and European versions). After her father died and her mother tragically committed suicide, Miku has lived under the care of her older brother, Mafuyu, whom she is very close to. Like their mother and grandmother, Miku and Mafuyu have been gifted with a sixth sense, giving them the ability to see things normal people aren't able to. Miku's mother, after inheriting the Camera Obscura from her mother, suffered because of this sixth sense and went mad, ultimately hanging herself on a tree in their home's garden.

Fatal Frame[]

The mark of the strangling ropes begin to appear on Miku.

After her brother hasn't returned from his investigation of the Himuro Mansion, Miku becomes worried and decides to look for him herself. She enters the mansion and picks up where he left off, finding the Camera Obscura her brother took with him. While on the trail of her brother, however, Miku encounters a powerful ghost, the ghost of the last Rope Shrine Maiden. She is able to escape the ghost, but not without falling under the curse of the Strangling Ropes that tore the shrine maiden apart in the Strangling Ritual. Now, Miku must find a way to reverse the effects of the Strangling Ritual before the ropes appear on all her limbs and she is swallowed by the darkness.

After thoroughly searching the mansion, Miku uncovers the truth behind the disaster that occurred there, and why all who venture into the mansion never return. The last Strangling Ritual had failed and resulted in the Calamity, spilling Malice throughout the mansion. The Malice consumed the people, killing and driving them mad. Because of this, the spirit of the Rope Shrine Maiden, Kirie Himuro, became malevolent, inflicting the pain she suffered on all who enter the mansion. Miku also uncovers that in order to fight the malice, she must recover the pieces of a Holy Mirror used to seal the Hell Gate from which the Malice has escaped.

After doing so, Miku frees Kirie from the Malice's grip, as well as her brother Mafuyu. Realizing what has happened, Kirie decides to fulfill her sacred duty as the Rope Shrine Maiden and seals the Hell Gate, binding herself before it so that it may never open again. The mansion grounds begin to collapse, prompting Miku and Mafuyu to escape. Mafuyu decides not to leave, however, saying that he wishes to stay with Kirie if that will ease her unending pain. Miku reluctantly leaves the mansion, and when she gets out, she sees the souls of the dead rise up the sky and find their peace.

Miku notes that from that day on, she was never able to see the impossible again.

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented[]

Lately, all what I could think of was the past. . . Back when I was a child. . .

—Miku to Rei Kurosawa

Miku brought back to the scene of the Strangling Ritual

Prior to the events of Fatal Frame, Mafuyu entrusted Miku under his good friend, Yuu Asou's care should anything happen. Yuu took Miku in after Mafuyu's disappearance, and they lived together in the home of Yuu's finaceé, Rei Kurosawa. There, Miku worked as Rei's assistant, helping by researching and accompanying her on photographing sessions. Unfortunately, Yuu was killed in a car crash, which Rei survived, and since then Miku and Rei have been plagued by the Tattooed Curse besetting those who survive death and disaster.

For Miku, part of the Manor of Sleep that she enters in her dreams presents itself as a manifestation of the Himuro Mansion, where she re-lives her harrowing experience. A handmaiden of the Kuze Shrine, however, seeks Miku's help. She asks Miku to save two people, the Tattooed Priestess and the handmaiden's brother. As the handmaiden directs Miku, telling her "big brother's over here", Miku begins to believe that she is being led to Mafuyu. Miku follows further and further into the Manor of Sleep, eventually until she meets Mafuyu one last time. Miku decides to follow Mafuyu, regretting her survival in the past, and she is consumed by the Tattooed Curse and falls into an endless sleep.


Miku's fate remains the same regardless of the ending achieved in Fatal Frame III. After freeing the souls lost in the Manor of Sleep, Rei effectively reverses the curse of the Holly Tattoo that plagues her and Miku. Miku wakes from her sleep and says that although she never understood why she survived, she realizes why they were allowed to live.

Fatal Frame V:

Miku appears as a non playable character. After the events of 3 she conceived a child, Miu, as a result of coming into contact with Mafuyu's spirit. She had quit as Rei's assistant and left to give birth and raise her child on her own. Giving birth to a shadow born used up almost all of Miku's life span and when Miu was about three years old Miku, sensing her death was eminent traveled to Mt. Hikami after learning of Ghost Marriage, due to the fear of dying alone and the wish of easing Mafuyu's burden as he guards the hell gate. After hugging her daughter goodbye she travels up the mountain, lured by the sunset where she enters the house of joining and enters the black box, forming a ghost marriage with Mafuyu.

She is not seen again for 14 years until Miu travels to the mountain in search of her. Miu frees her from the black box. Miku's first words to her daughter is to apologize and then tries to tell her that "Miu, I'm already..." or in the English version "Miu, it's already too late for me...." but Miu cuts her off with the insistence that she returns with her and she does not make any further protest.

After returning to the antique shop Miku falls into a deep sleep for the rest of the game until near the end when Miu dreams she is returning to the mountain. Following Miku into the water Miku explains to Miu her reasons for leaving her behind and admits that while she mostly just wanted to use her time left to save Mafuyu's spirit, she also was afraid to die alone and had longed to return to her care free past.


Dream Road[]

If Miu takes a picture of Miku before approaching her at Twilight Peak, the pair walk over to the water, and Miku reflects that she had acted so impulsively in an attempt to either bring her brother back or to return to happier times of the past. Miu expresses jealousy over her mother as she has someone to walk with her when she passes, but Miku promises Miu that she is not to going anywhere. Miu then wakes up from her dream a panic but calms down after seeing that her mother is still laying beside her and returns to sleep, embracing her. Miku's life is still near it's end due to having birthed a shadow born, but will live out the rest of her time, as little as it is that remains, by Miu's side.

Yomi Ko[]

If Miu fails to take a picture of Miku at the Twilight Peak, the scene plays closely to the Dream Road Ending, except as they watch the sunset together, Miu sadly calls her mother a liar as she begins disappearing. Miu realizes that this was a promise her mother could not keep, even if she wanted to, because Miku's life is already at it's end. Miu calls her a lair and the faint trace of Miku's spirit the remains, vanishes in the sunset, leaving Miu alone to weep for her death.


A comparison of Miku's appearance in the original Japanese (left) and US (right) releases.

In her debut in Fatal Frame Miku's appearance was designed to resemble Japanese style school uniforms, the most prominent feature being the ribbon in the front of her blouse. She also wears a choker around her neck similar to her brother's, as well as a comb passed down from her grandmother to tie her long hair.

For the US and Xbox releases of Fatal Frame, Miku's appearance made some noticeable changes. The focal ribbon was removed and her blouse and skirt were made to look more streamlined and mature. Her face was also edited to make it less round, give her redder lips, slightly smaller eyes and lighter hair.

For her appearance in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented, Miku wears a different outfit while her basic features were unchanged. Her blouse and skirt are now more colorful and she wears black Mary Jane shoes with stockings instead of boots. Miku's cursed tattoo is also significantly different from all others found in the game. Her tattoo is colored red, rather than the more common blue, and has a slightly different pattern from the traditional Snake and Holly.

Alternate costumes[]

Miku, like all playable characters in the series, sports a variety of alternate costumes. They include:

Fatal Frame

  • 4 variations of Miku's uniform, with different colors for her clothes, hair and skin.
  • 3 short summer yukatas, one of which has a floral pattern. These costumes also change the flashlight into a paper lantern.

Fatal Frame III

  • Pink Yukata: Beat the game once on any difficulty.
  • Blue Yukata: Beat the game once on any difficulty
  • Pinafore Dress: Complete all missions in Mission mode or beat the game once on Nightmare mode.
  • Zero Costume: Beat the game 3 times.


  • Barrette - Beat the game once on any difficulty
  • Glasses - Beat the game twice on any difficulty
  • Cat Ears - Beat the game three times on any difficulty
  • Headband - Spirit List: Complete


  • The name Miku means "deep" (深) (mi) and "crimson" (紅) (ku).
  • Miku's surname Hinasaki means "chick, squab, duckling, doll" (雛) (hina) and "blossom" (咲) (saki).


The "Miku" costume in Super Swing Golf.

  • Miku is the only character that can be seen and "played" in games outside of the Fatal Frame series where she can be found in:
  • Miku is voiced by the same actress in the Japanese Fatal Frame, and Fatal Frame III but the US and overseas releases used different actresses.
  • Miku is guided by two different ghost children in the series:
  • Rumiko Varnes (Miku's voice actress in Fatal Frame) had also voiced Jennifer Simpson in Clock Tower. Coincidentally, both protagonists are orphans and after the events of each game, they are taken in by a woman (i.e. Helen Maxwell and Rei Kurosawa) who involuntarily becomes involved in their previous endeavors (escaping Scissorman and fighting ghosts).
  • Miku is shown in two Fatal Frame games, from FF1 to FF3
    • Miku is also featured as one of the main protagonists and playable characters in the third entry into the series, Fatal Frame III: The Tormented.
    • Miku's hobby is collecting Japanese-style accessories as stated by Shibata in a interview about FF3
    • Miku's nightclothes in FF3 where Shibata's own personal interest
    • The code words used for her character/design in FF3 were "Japanese-style", "a slightly mature cuteness" and "brother"
    • According to Shibata Miku seems to hold her breath and tense up when she meets a ghost
    • Miku has an artistic steak as she has handmade several objects around Rei's homes from candles, to lamp shades. It also implies that she enjoys cooking.
    • The english version of the remaster of Maiden Of Black water adds a line to Miu's bad ending, where Miku says "I'm glad I didin't take you with me" just before vanishing. This line is not present in the orginal english/japanese game, nor is it present in the Japanese versions of the remasters.


Fatal Frame[]

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented[]