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Minakami Village (皆神村), also known as All God's Village, or The Lost Village, is the main setting in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly and the village in which the game takes place.

While visiting their childhood playspot, Mio and Mayu enter the village after Mayu follows a red butterfly. Like the first Fatal Frame, Fatal Frame II takes place in just this one area, however, throughout the game the player must enter and explore many houses and landmarks.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

All Gods Village is a deeply spiritual community with a high priest as its leader. They place high value in their ceremonies and rituals. The village is the home of a myth about a gateway to hell—a great chasm deep underground which leads to the world of the dead, or the Underworld. 

The Village is also home to a large amount of sets of twins. Twins are highly regarded and cared for as they play a very important role within the village. 

Life in the village was difficult as it was cut off from the outside world and crops were difficult to grow.

The village has an Abyss deep underneath the village, which the villagers feared as the gateway to Hell. The villagers created rituals to satisfy this Abyss and keep away the Repentance. One of the rituals developed by All God's Village was the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual, in which one twin strangled the other to death.

Another was the Kusabi ritual, in which they captured an outsider and caused them great suffering before sacrificing them to the Abyss.

The village was wiped from the map after Sae's failed ritual, the Hellish Abyss was not satisfied with a series of failed rituals, for example Itsuki and Mutsuki's failed ritual, Sae's failed ritual was the final straw, the Repentance spilled out of the Abyss and killed some of the villagers, Seijiro Makabe, the last Kusabi, returned in Kusabi form and slaughtered the villagers who survived the Repentance, while Sae's insane spirit watched with insane hysterical laughter. In the end, there was only one survivor from the village, a lone girl who fled the village before the Repentance happened.

At the end of the game, the are where All God's Village was situated was destroyed by the lake made by the All God's Dam.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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