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Miyoshi Tsukigase
Japanese name 月ヶ瀬 舳
Romaji name Tsukigase Miyoshi
Other names N/A
Age Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Sanctuary Guard
Cause of death Killed by Sakuya Haibara
Encountered in Haibara Hospital, Rougetsu Hall
Family Unknown
Appearances Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
Voice actor (Jp) N/A
Voice actor (Eng) None

Miyoshi Tsukigase is a female spirit who appears in Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse. She served the Haibara family and acted as a guardian of the Shrine of Mourning in the Rougetsu Hall. According to the ghost list, she enjoyed serving the Haibara family and loved watching the Kagura Ritual.

When Sakuya Haibara escaped from confinement in 1972, Miyoshi fled to the Rougetsu Tunnels along with the other Sanctuary Guards in an attempt to escape her. However, Sakuya caught up with them and murdered them all: although it is never said exactly how she died.

When fought, Miyoshi will often state ("It's that person! That woman! Don't come any closer!" (あいつだ!あの女だ!来ないでくれ!aitsu da! ano onna da! konai de kure!.)


  • Miyoshi's spirit carries a torch and always attacks in a group, along with the other guardians of the shrine.
  • Miyoshi's lines when fought are identical to fellow guard, Michihiko Ikushima.