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Miyuki Hinasaki
Miyuki hinasaki 0.jpg
Japanese name 雛咲 深雪 (ひなさき みゆき)
Romaji name Hinaski Miyuki
Other names Unknown
Age Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Assistant archaeologist, Housewife and Mother
Cause of death Committed suicide by hanging
Encountered in Cherry Atrium, various locations
Family Hinasaki family
Ryokan Kurosawa (great-grandfather)
Ryozo Munakata (grandfather)
Yae Munakata (grandmother)
Sae Kurosawa (great aunt)
Mikoto Munakata (mother)
Masato Hinasaki (husband)
Mafuyu Hinasaki (son)
Miku Hinasaki (daughter)
Miu Hinasaki (granddaughter)
Appearances Fatal Frame
Voice actor (Jp) Unknown
Voice actor (Eng) Unknown

Miyuki Hinasaki (雛咲 深雪 Hinasaki Miyuki) is a female character in Fatal Frame. She is the daughter of Mikoto Munakata and an unknown man, the wife of Masato Hinasaki and the mother of Mafuyu Hinasaki and Miku Hinasaki.


Miyuki was born with the ability to see things normal people could not, a gift she passed on to her two children. Not much is known about Miyuki's life, not even her maiden name. Miyuki is the only known child of Mikoto Munakata. She was apparently a student under Masato Hinasaki where she married him and she had two children with him. There are hints that this marriage may have been arranged by the Hinasaki family. Miyuki would also assist Masato with his work using her mother's antique camera. Masato went missing while on an archaeological dig, and some time later, Miyuki found her mother's old camera, and began using it to take pictures of things nobody else could see. Miyuki's nervous disposition might have strengthened the camera's influence over her. Miyuki eventually succumbed to overuse of the camera, and committed suicide by hanging herself. She is one of only two or three characters whose death is considered a direct result of overexposure to the Camera Obscura. Yae Munakata, to whom she bears a striking resemblance, also committed suicide by hanging herself, due to grief and overuse of the Camera Obscura.


  • The name Miyuki means "deep" (深) (mi) and "snow" (雪) (yuki).
  • Miyuki's surname Hinasaki means "chick, squab, duckling, doll" (雛) (hina) and "blossom" (咲) (saki).