Mount Hikami (Also known as Hikamiyama) is the central location of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. Once a thriving mountain and religious area teeming with abundant resources, it is now devoid of all life and bears an infamous reputation as a popular suicide spot.

Basic Information Edit

The mountain is around 2,300 feet in elevation, and is heavily forested throughout the base of the mountain. It has an extensive lava cave system flowing underneath it. There are several bodies of water located all around the mountain, including several waterfalls coming from a massive crater lake at the summit.

Biography Edit

Mt. Hikami was once the central seat of a local religion that deified the waters of Mt. Hikami as a source of purity and life. Several shrines were built throughout the area, all with the intention of preserving the local customs.

As the years went by and the old ways started to fade and be forgotten, the mountain began to turn its ways to tourism to keep the area alive. Massive projects were started to get the tourism industry started, including Cable Cars and new roads through the Unfathomable Forest.

Despite their best efforts, however, the projects were halted after two disastrous incidents. One was the Hikami Tunnel incident, where workers constructing a tunnel through the mountain hit a large body of water in the Womb Cave, flooding it and killing the workers.

The second and unrelated incident was a massive landslide through the area which killed all ambition of tourism. It had destroyed much of the work that had been done to restore the area, and all efforts ceased. This was the true 'death' of Mt. Hikami, as it was abandoned for good, its religion dead, and no living soul within.

The mountain, ever since, became known as an infamous suicide spot, calling out to spirit away those susceptible to its beckoning. Now known as a place of death, many superstitions surround the mountain. Some say that sleeping with your feet facing the mountain invites disaster- and that looking at the mountain as the sun sets over it is to invite the Netherworld into this world.

These troubling claims, coupled with the high death rate the mountain has, prompted a shut down of all traffic through the mountain. Roads were closed, and a massive fence was erected around the area- although a large hole in the fence exists that can be used to access it.

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