Old Woman
Site-Old woman
Japanese name
Romaji name
Other names"Seamstress"
Hair colorGrey
Eye color
Cause of death
Encountered in
AppearancesSpirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir
Voice actor (Jp)
Voice actor (Eng)

Old Woman is a hostile female spirit in Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir. She is a mysterious, grey-haired old woman who appears to people who become involved with the diary, chanting cryptic words which seem to have some connection to its hidden secrets. No one who hears her chanting is able to leave the diary.

Sewing faces and bringing the chosen Shrine Maiden out of the "darkness", she acted as a priest in the ancient ritual. She was the only person allowed to be in contact with the Shrine Maiden, in order to take care of her, and once it had been confirmed that the god had descended to fill the vessel created by the shrine maiden, this tie would also be broken. During the maiden's seclusion, she would not call the old woman taking care of her by any name to not form a bond with her, so the woman was never given a name, referred only to as "Kami-uba" (holy woman) in the ritual.

Misc. InfoEdit

  • She has clematis vines sticking out from her body.
  • One of her attacks involves attempting to stab the player's eyes from behind. It is impossible to turn and face her during this attack; the Shutter Chance only occurs when the player is facing her hands.
  • She is also referred to as the "Seamstress".
  • In the in-game music files, her boss music says her name is "Kiku".
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