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—Pale Mistress to Yuuri

Japanese name籠女
Romaji nameKagome
Other namesWoman in the Casket
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
OccupationRitual Sacrifice
Cause of deathYuukon Ritual
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AppearancesFatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water
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Pale Mistress (籠女 - Kagome) is a powerful hostile female ghost who appears in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.


Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black WaterEdit

These ghosts tend to appear when women with strong psychic abilities come to the mountain. One drags Miu Hinasaki into a casket in the Intro Chapter, and another rises from the Lake of the Departed and possesses Hisoka Kurosawa. Early in the game, Yuri Kozukata has a nightmare about being imprisoned in a casket with a Pale Mistress.


Pale Mistress is an extremely slow enemy, but her attack is extremely damaging. She attacks by slowly approach to the player after she spin herself a round. Before attacking, Pale Mistress hovers from side to side, and sometimes, instead of directly approaching, she may swoop up on top of the player and attack them from the top. Since the attack is easy to dodge, she will deal massive damage if she succeed this attack (she will grab the player and inflict damage).



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