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Red Tape 4
Red tape.png
Japanese name 赤いテープ 四
Romaji name Akai tēpu shi
File type Tape
Description "A red audio tape. Only a little bit of it has been used."
An audio tape with a red label. It says "Research -4" on the label.
Author/Owner Tomoe Hirasaka
Location Fish Tank Room
Appearances Fatal Frame

Red Tape 4 is a tape found in the Fish Tank Room in Fatal Frame. It belongs to Tomoe Hirasaka. It is found after defeating Assistant's Ghost.


"Since I met that girl, I've seen many strange visions. All the ghosts in the mansion howl and scream at me... (Just LEAVE!) I don't think they'll ever let me out of this mansion. I don't even know how long I can hold onto my sanity. Anyway... I'm leaving this tape. If ever someone listens to this... Please tell me what has happened to me! (Suffer!...*unintelligible*) Still...I hope it's just a dream..."


  • A woman's voice can be heard in this tape, which is assumed to be the voice of Kirie Himuro.