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Rite of Commandment
Japanese name 戒ノ儀
Romaji name Kai no gi
Other names N/A
Location(s) Kuze Shrine
Participants Tattooed Priestess
Frequency Unknown
Purpose The priestess releases all ties to the real world to prepare for the Impalement Ritual
Game Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
The commandment must be placed upon the priestess's empty eyes.

The Rite of Commandment is a ritual performed after the Piercing of the Soul ritual was completed to where the Tattooed Priestess goes to her eternal sleep. This ritual may have included placing the Mirror of Loss into the Shrine of Loss and shattering it.


The Tattooed Priestess engraves her own pain of loss into the Mirror of Loss. She then accepts the tattoos and undergo the Piercing of the Soul.


The Tattooed Priestess would descend into the Abyss and pass into the underworld. At the Shrine of Loss in the Last Passage, she would shatter the Mirror of Loss with her own hands, breaking all attachment to the world. She then proceeds down to the Chamber of Thorns to sleep forever. Her limbs would be staked down so that she could not move or return to reality.