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The curse is never given a specific name in Fatal Frame; however, for now it is called the Rope Curse. The curse is a part of the 'House of Mutilation' urban legend, and affects its victims physically and psychologically.

Duration: 1-4 days
Victims: People who visit Himuro Mansion
Age of Afflicted: Varies
Connected to: Strangling Ritual / Himuro Mansion / House of Mutilation Urban Legend
Game: Fatal Frame

Reasons for being 'cursed'[]

  • A victim visits the Himuro Mansion and encounters Kirie Himuro.

Physical signs/symptoms[]

Rope Marks Rope mark bruises will start to appear on the wrists, ankles and neck of the victims.

Hallucinations The victim will see or sense things that are not physically there. This stage is worsened in the cases of those who have a sixth sense.

Photographic Ropes Images of ropes will appear on photograph of the victim, with more ropes appearing as the curse progresses. It is unclear if this is an objective phenomenon or a shared hallucination by those afflicted with the curse.

Delirium Curse victims will begin to lose sanity, and speak in confused, nonsensical language, usually concerning ropes or a woman in a white kimono.

Mutilation Victims are found dead, horribly mutilated as if torn limb from limb. Sometimes, only bits and pieces of the cursed victims are discovered.

Stages of the curse[]

1. Entering the Himuro Mansion and encountering Kirie. Both of these criteria must be met, as the Munakata Family were able to live peacefully in the mansion for some time, none of the family directly dying from the Rope Curse. Encountering Kirie can range from gaining the ability to see her to actually being touched or grabbed by her.

2. Physical Rope Marks start to form Usually, these marks will progress from the wrists to the ankles and finally to the neck of the victim.

3. Seeing things The victim starts to become more attuned to their surroundings, and may start having hallucinations of objects and people that aren't physically there.

4. Delirium The victim will progressively worsen and start to mumble and speak incoherently, slowly losing sanity.

5. Final Rope Mark The final Rope Mark appears around the victim's neck, which usually means death is imminent.

6. Body is Mutilated The cursed victim's body is stretched out and torn apart, limb from limb.



Misc. Info[]

  • While Mafuyu Hinasaki was captured by Kirie, it seems as though he was not afflicted by the curse, showing that Kirie had the power over who is cursed, she also had the power to take people out of their own timeline and put them in another.
  • In Fatal Frame III: The Tormented, Kizuna Himuro, another Rope Shrine Maiden, has an attack move during which she stretches her victim's limbs.

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