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Sanae Houzuki
Japanese name 砲月 沙苗 (ほうづき さなえ)
Romaji name Houzuki Sanae
Other names None
Age Unknown, around 10 (Estimated)
Hair color Brown (?)
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Patient
Cause of death Blooming
Encountered in Haibara Hospital Entrance Hall (Chapter 3), 1F Ward (Chapter 7)
Family Unknown
Appearances Fatal Frame IV
Voice actor (Jp) Unknown
Voice actor (Eng) Unknown

Sanae Houzuki was a native of Rougetsu Island, hospitalized at Haibara Hospital to be treated of Luna Sedata Syndrome. She is first encountered in Chapter 3, in the Entrance Hall.


  • Sanae is one of the few natives of the island to be treated of the disease.