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Shie Sonosaki
Japanese name 園崎支絵 (そのさき しえ)
Romaji name Sonosaki Shie
Other names None
Age Unknown
Hair color Black (?)
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Nurse
Cause of death Unknown (possibly Blooming)
Encountered in Room 310 (Chapter 5), Power Distribution Room (Chapter 6), Isolation Ward Hallway (Chapter 8), Room 412 (Chapter 10)
Voice actor (Jp)
Voice actor (Eng)

'I feel like one day she will wake up, and the door will open... The door's open...'

Shie Sonosaki was a nurse from Rougetsu Island. She was in charge of looking after the only patient on the Fourth Floor Isolation Ward of Rougetsu Hall, Sakuya Haibara.


Shie received instructions from Shigeto Haibara to take care of Sakuya's care after previous nurse committed suicide. Just as her predecessor became fixated on the idea that Sakuya did not have a true face, Shie almost immediately felt troubled by the ongoing idea that Sakuya's name was not consistent and kept on changing, which meant she believed she had no real name.

After Tsubaki Tono's death during the 1970 Rougetsu Kagura, she was given a desk in the Breaker Room and continued watching over Sakuya, who was in a coma in the Shrine of Mourning nearby, and also took over Tsubaki's responsibilities concerning the third floor patients. During this time she grew more uneasy, even saying that the atmosphere in the hospital had changed since Tsubaki’s Kagura. The number of sudden and mysterious deaths had increased, and patients were acting more strangely than ever.

She also felt more and more afraid of Sakuya as the days went by, and although Sakuya's sleep went on without change, Shie could not rid herself of the idea that Sakuya would wake up eventually and make something terrible happen. She believed Yuukou Magaki's ominous paintings of a woman in red predicted the Day Without Suffering. She would spend so many hours watching the door to the Shrine of Mourning, fearing what might be happening on the other side, including when Sakuya would come out.

Finally, two years after the Kagura, Shie's fears came true. Sakuya awoke and emerged from her room, causing many people to Bloom. Shie is implied to have hid from Sakuya beneath a desk rather than ran away from her as her spirit appears from underneath the desk when Ruka checks the documents there.