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Shiori Hasebe
Shiori doll.jpg
Japanese name 長谷部 紫織
Romaji name Hasebe Shiori
Other names Manipulated Woman
Age Unknown
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Brown
Occupation Trainee Teacher
Cause of death Killed by the Woman in Black
Encountered in Beyond the Screen
Family Kaito Hasebe (older brother)
Appearances Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir
Voice actor (Jp) Yuka Shioyama
Voice actor (Eng) Sarah Robertson

Shiori Hasebe (長谷部 紫織 Hasebe Shiori) is a female spirit in Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir and the younger sister of Kaito Hasebe who became trapped within the Purple Diary and was killed by its curse, appearing in a doll-like form that Kaito began to investigate the diary after she went missing, but he ultimately became a victim of its curse himself.


Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir[]

Shiori hears a rumor at her school about a cursed diary, a book which traps people inside if they play the sheet music written on one of its pages, turning the person into a "replacement" for a person someone lost. At some point, she discovers a purple book wedged deep inside a library shelf, almost as though it had been hidden there. Inside it, she finds a picture of a ball-jointed doll that looks eerily like herself, so much so that it makes her uneasy.

She begins to hear a tune playing in her dreams at night, the song from the sheet music in the diary, though notes that the song sounds different from the way it's written. She realizes that it's because of the ink stain, and apparently figures out a way to play it normally.

Shiori continues to hear the song when she sleeps, and can hear a woman calling her by another name. Shiori believes that she has become trapped within the purple diary. She visits Kaito Hasebe to tell him of the bad dreams she's been having, and a bad feeling she has. Soon, though, Shiori begins to suffer from night paralysis. She is imprisoned by the Woman in Black, who turns her into a living doll as a substitute for Maya, to whom she bears a significant resemblance.

During the game, Shiori hides in dark places and she must be discovered using the Darkness Lens.

Another Story[]

In Another Story, Shiori is a trainee teacher who is supposed to be filling in for one of the teachers at her old school and she is known as "senpai" to her students due to this. However, she never actually turns up, and is said by another teacher at the school to be suffering from night paralysis, having been unable to sleep for some time, and was unable to attend school due to temporary hospitalization.


  • The name Shiori means "purple" (紫) (shi) and "weave, weaving" (織) (ori).
  • Shiori's surname Hasebe means "long" (長) (ha), "valley" (谷) (se) and "department" (部) (be).